Working In Series

In this image, the ring on the left is my ‘classic’ curl ring and the ring on the right is a bespoke customer commission. This is how I work in a series – by tweaking the original design in a slightly different guise with different stones and metals. The original is in 18ct yellow gold with sapphire and diamonds and the new ring is in 9ct yellow gold with sapphire and a pearl.

Each of these rings is made up individually – this is NOT production – so even though I don’t need to spend so much time designing with a client, I’m still spending a considerable amount of time making each ring up. I repeat, this is NOT production but working in a series.

If I want to actually ‘product’ a ring like this, I need to think about better ways to put it ‘into production’ so that I can repeat it easier with less time involved!

What designs or pieces of yours are popular that you could re-tweak and put into production?

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