Work ON Your Business As Well As IN It

Ok so this is a really IMPORTANT TIP, but not one that I ever remember any one of my own ‘art’ mentors actually telling me to do in simple and easy-to-understand terms!

You need to learn to work ON your business as well as IN it!

What do I mean? Well for most of us artists/designers/makers we will have gotten working IN our businesses down to a fine art so-to-speak…this is creating our work. We all know how to work long hours and be obsessed with the art we make, thats our passion and what we are put on this earth to do – right?

Yes, BUT…simply producing work will neither tell others about our fabulous talents (i.e.promotion) nor will it bring us in any sort of money (i.e. selling).

Why?…because we need to both PROMOTE AND SELL our work in order to gain a following who will hopefully become clients that will pay us for our beautiful pieces of art.

Simply put, as artists we tend to have to do every part of our business ourselves so that means that as well as spending part of each day making, we should also spend a part of our day promoting our own work and trying to sell it.

So working IN your business is producing your pieces. And working ON your business is doing a Revenue Generating Activity – something that either promotes and eventually sells a piece of your work! You can read more about RGA’s in this post here.

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