Go From Offline To Online In Style

DITCH the boring template site everyone else has – lets build a custom website thats UNIQUE to YOU instead!

? STOP plucking colours willy nilly out of thin air – lets pull a colour palette and base your branding on your ‘actual’ jewellery!

? WOW your clients with a site that talks to THEM – lets ‘actually’ sell your stuff!

Let’s Face It…Your Website SUCKS!

This Is You…?

You’ve been ‘tweaking’ your website (possibly for years) and you think it must be broken as it just doesn’t seem to ‘work’?!

You certainly ain’t selling your jewellery online and everytime someone asks for your web address, you make excuses or cringe when you give it to them!

Or Perhaps This Is You…?

? You’ve been trying to ‘build’ your own site yourself  – but thats been going on several years now and it’s still only ‘almost’ done.

? You’re tired of looking around the web seeing all the pretty websites – but yours just ain’t looking so hot…or worse…you haven’t managed to get around to ‘launching’ yet!!! (OMG! I’ve so done this, lol!!!)

? And you’re totally embarrassed to send anyone to your site!

So how do you expect potential customers to learn more about you or view your jewellery?

How do you expect people to actually buy your ‘stuff’?

Wise Up! ?

(That’s N.Ireland-Speak For ‘Stop Being An Idiot’, lol ?)

Why keep torturing yourself?

Just hire me and I’ll build it for you!!

Hi! I’m Sarah McAleer

I’m an experienced designer & jewellery mentor!

It’s my mission to help jewellers launch beautiful websites so that YOU can concentrate on actually selling more of your beautiful jewellery.

I’m also a jeweller just like YOU, and I’ve been running my jewellery business for over 27 years now!

I’ve learned a lot about websites over the years – the good, the bad and the darn-right ugly, lol!

Let me share my TWO great big WEBSITE BLUNDERS…?

Mistake No 1: I had a ‘portfolio’ site for several years – aka NO-ONE could BUY any jewellery from it, lol – DUH!

Whilst this site ‘looked pretty’ it was ‘pretty much’ pointless!

I worked with web designers on this one, but they never really ‘got me’ and every time I wanted to get updates done it seemed to be a such a chore.

Neither did they understand what a jewellery site actually needed and when asked if they could add in a ‘shopping cart’ they quoted me 5-figures to do it! yeh right – catch yourself on!

Mistake No 2: Next I decided I was going to do my own shop site and I joined a well known shopping theme platform – this did NOT work for me!

Firstly, I spent 2 years designing this site but it was just never ‘good enough’ or ‘never ready’. BIG MISTAKE, right there, lol!

Whilst this website was also ‘pretty’, when I did finally get around to launching it, I found it just didn’t work for how my custom clients wanted to use my site.

I was totally trapped in a ‘standard’ template – moving layouts around required me to pay for coding and everything was far too ‘white’ for my rainbow aesthetic.

? So they say third time lucky: Finally I found WordPress and I couldn’t believe how customisable it was. 

I was able to build a webiste that ‘I’ WANTED – style and colour it any way I choose, move the layouts around as many times as my pretty heart desired. I personally didn’t want ANY white spaces in my website – well with WordPress I could do whatever the h£ll I liked!

I was able to have a totally separate custom portfolio section – this allowed my shop section to highlight only collections that were actually for sale. PLUS I supercharged my jewellery stories by using WordPress’s super cool blogging functions!

So really, now I had a totally bespoke website to match my bespoke jewellery – actually it was like having 3 custom websites in one!

Since finding WordPress, I can honestly say I have never looked back and my own brand has gone from strength to super strength – as have the amazing jewellery brands I’ve been working with!

So I guess what I’m really saying is that I can help you design, build AND launch your website WITHOUT it being a nightmare.

AND I’ll help you look after it when we’re done – cause a website is never really ‘finished’ anyway!

Let me turn your online presence into something you can be truly proud of and get a website that your clients want to actually hang out on!!!

I Do Branding & Websites Like This ?

I Design Websites SPECIFICALLY For Jewellers

Your Brand

(aka your logo, colours, fonts & message)


Your Jewellery

(aka all those ‘things’ you worked hard to make)


Sprinkle In Some Of My Design-Dust Magic


Your Personal List Of Ingredients


Your Custom Website

Check These Transformations Out ?





Jewellery Websites For Jewellers By A Jeweller!

Your Website is your No 1 SHOWCASE and your BIGGEST visual asset – Its like having a shop store front and its open 24 / 7.

Yet, it’s surprising how many jewellers don’t have their products actually for sale on a website!

When you work with me you’ll get a full e-commerce site complete with shop sections, payment gateways and easy-to-navigate shopping menus.

Likewise its surprising how many jewellers have never thought about their brand ‘look’ or how they might inplement this online.

So work with me to nail down your visual ‘identity’, stand out from the crowd and let me transform you into a coherent and professional brand!

Sounding Good?

So go on, hire me and let me do it all for you!!

But WAIT…There’s More…?

It’s not enough just to ‘have’ a website…

Yes you want your site to look amazing BUT you need it to either make sales or to collect emails – you want it to ‘convert’!

So here’s what we’re gonna do for those ‘conversions’…

✦ Branding & Messaging: 

We’re going to work 1:1 to make sure your clients really get YOU and your brand.

So your visual and your written ‘identity’ is our first priority – as are YOU! 

‘When’ people like and read what they see, ‘then’ they’ll consider buying from you and we want to make it easy for them to talk to you.

✦ Shop Section:

Your site will be able to display all your products and actually collect money so you can keep track of orders and make profits. 

It seems an obvious thing to state, but we want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to either buy your work or get in touch with you to ask questions.

We can also customize your product pages to work how your client might want to shop – with item options, rewards points and wishlists.

✦ An Opt-in:

Ha! This is possibly the most overlooked missing component of a great website.

Not everyone who visits your site will be ready to buy from you first time round. In fact, the statistics tell us that they have to come back another 7-8 times!!!

Don’t let people come to your site and then click away never to remember your URL again! You’ll need a way to capture your ‘prospects’ email so you can remind them about your jewellery in follow up emails for when they are ready to buy.

You See – You & Me!

Its The Perfect Combo!

here’s what Elle thinks?

here’s what Jenn thinks?

Lets Get Started!

Here’s What I Got For You ?

The ReModel

Site Re-Build & Full Re-Brand

project length = 90 days

In this package you get a fully functional shop website individually customized to suit YOU & your amazing jewellery.

PLUS get a full re-brand to nail down or freshen up your brand’s colour palette,  fonts and logo!

✦ Brand Assets Includes:

  • Brand Board – colours, fonts & logo.
  • Graphics – sliders, headers & buttons.

✦ Main Pages Includes:

  • Header & Footer Menus
  • Home
  • About
  • Blog Set Up
  • Basic Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions
  • Contact

✦ Shop Pages Includes:

  • Woo Commerce & Payment Set-Up
  • Shop By Type
  • Shop By Collections
  • Customized Cart Page

✦ Conversion Essentials Includes:

  • Connection to your email platform.
  • Landing Page For Email Sign-Ups
  • Pop-Up to collect emails.
  • Welcome email set-up.

✦ Website Essentials Includes:

  • Divi theme installed
  • My trusted set of plugins installed
  • Mobile responsive views
  • Site Maintenance, Security & Backups whilst I am working on the site.

The ReModel VIP

Site Re-Build & Full Re-Brand

PLUS Mentoring

project length = 90 days

PLUS weekly coaching calls

Get EVERYTHING in the ReModel package…


✦ TWO 1:1 90 minute deep-dive sessions with me – one at the start and one at the end of the project. Where we will identify a strategy for you to use your beautiful new website to gather traffic AND collect email sign-ups!

✦ Then get weekly 30 minute check-in sessions where I’ll work with you 1:1 to help you sell more of your jewellery.

Please note that I dont write copy, product descriptions or do your photography – I edit, illustrate and work with what you already have. Should these need an upgrade I will reccommend you to a copy coach or photo editor.


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