Why’s Up – Wise Up

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Why’s Up – Wise Up

Yes Wise up! All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!!! So have some fun!

If you’re from Northern Ireland you’ll know exactly what I mean – the phrase ‘wise up’ is commonly used to say to someone ‘stop being stupid’ or ‘are you having a laugh’? But yes, I want you to have a laugh sometimes because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing in life, then whats the point? Thats part of my own ‘why’ – to enjoy myself and to do ‘other’ things that doesn’t always involve my work or my business AND allows me to have some fun and a good few laughs (and maybe some wine to wash that all down)!!!!

This weekend I’ve had a lovely time away at a music festival with my music-blogging husband Chromaticism – we had 3 days in the sun in Portugal at the Reverence Valada Festival! As Ian will be writing a review he was ‘working’ but he was doing a set of DJ’ing too and experiencing being an artist and performer for the first time – all very exciting!

It’s going to events like this that I know my own ‘why’…

Why I’m an artist – being able to express my creative freedom and soul through my work.

Why I love being surrounded by other artists – like-minds, creativeness, thinking outside-the-box, self-expression.

AND why I’m ALWAYS finding my why in everything I do – from the way I ‘see’ the world and capture it in the photographs I feel compelled to take, and in the case of this festival from the way I ‘hear’ the world through music and even down to how it smells.

How my idea of what I experience is unique to me and different to the next person – my own personal olfactory, auditory and visual diary of my existence and my own why’s. The blue of the Valada sky, the smell of the food, the noise of the bands and the bright multi-coloured psychedelic lights of the stage at night.

Ian DJ’ing

Reverence Sights

It struck me that there’s such a comparison between being a musician and what ‘we’ do – all artists / designers / makers of our own particular ‘craft’ and disciplines. Reverence Valada Festival is a small underground rock ’boutique’ type festival with a combination of small local musicians mixed with up-and-coming international bands and this year a few of the older ‘classics’ like Nik Turner, The Damned and The Sisters Of Mercy. I go to support Ian and I don’t always know much of the music before I go but I love finding out what I like just by hearing something for the first time.

Fat White Family – Whitest Boy On The Beach

For me this mental UK band Fat White Family stood out – right from the moment they started playing till the end of their set – with the lead singer like a wound-up spring bouncing about all over the place with such energy.

Their song Whitest Boy On The Beach stuck a chord as I’m always saying that when I come to this festival (in Portugal) Ian and I seem to ‘look different’.

Ian with his blonde locks amidst all the black hair and I am most definitely the whitest girl with my ‘Irish’ skin standing out against all the lovely darker skinned locals – in fact I’ve said numerous times how I must be the whitest girl!!!

It’s easy to see the ‘WHY’ with musicians as they jump around on stage like maniacs. Such passion in their actions and in the lyrics they write mixed with the magnetism of how they actually perform on stage. All these bands writing and performing their own material – pushing boundaries and experimenting technically with sounds.

Musicians are no different to what we artists / designers / makers ‘do’ – creating work, finding a voice, expressing yourself AND trying to ‘get it out there’, to be seen , to be heard, to be recognised!

So go on, try to find your WHY, take your WHY wth, express your WHY AND HAVE FUN!!!

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