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Why Your Creative Content Is KEY to Your Art/Design/Craft Business

by May 5, 2016Creative Content, Make Money From Your Art0 comments

Why Your Creative Content Is KEY to Your Art/Design/Craft Business

I can’t shout this loud enough from the highest rooftops – but as Artists/Designers/Makers, our ‘Creative Content’ is not only an important part of our business, it’s our business’s entire ‘lifeline’ and it provides us with a goldmine of imagery that other business types just don’t have!

And I’m not just talking about lovely photos of ‘finished pieces’ – I’m talking about EVERYTHING we do, our entire making process, behind-the-scenes chaos…and ourselves!!!

Let me explain – recently I’ve taken a couple of online training programmes about selling online. In these courses there was a helpful facebook group where you could fire out questions and ask for advice/help. What struck me the most, is that in some industries people have to ‘find’ or ‘buy’ imagery to be able to promote their businesses online through social media and in their websites. In fact I was starting to see repeated ‘stock’ or ‘bought’ images appearing all over the place.

I had a real lightbulb moment here – as artists/designers/makers, each one of us is unique with a personal approach to how we think and produce our work. By recording this in photos on a regular basis you will build up a library of imagery that no-one else will have – because it’s unique to you!!!

So what do I mean by Creative Content? Get into the habit of taking photos of everthing you do – this could be your tools, how your work desk is set up, the mess of your desk at the end of the day, what you’re wearing (if that relates to your work), your pieces as they are worked on in progress, your visual inspiration, your artistic journey.

This doesn’t have to be a painstaking or longwinded process – we all have phones and iPads with great cameras. I use my iPad every day and record what I’m working on on a daily basis – now it’s like I have a visual diary and I use this on a daily basis in my blog and on social media.

So go on – do something today – capture a moment of your creative process in action.

PS – note I’m using one of my own design drawings as the background to my ‘tips’!!!

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