Why Its Good For Artists/Designers/Makers To Focus Focus Focus

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Why Its Good For Artists/Designers/Makers To Focus Focus Focus

I bet you’ve heard this before – how its important to ‘Focus, Focus, Focus’ – I know I have!

Actually its a phrase that really annoys me as it makes me wanna say, No! No! No! I’m damn well not going to focus, focus focus!

We have a good laugh about this in the workshop – every time I say it, my work husband, Eddie, replies instantly with, “F**kus, F**kus, F**kus”!

So why am I telling you then that its good for artists/designers/makers to focus? Well I’m going to break it down real simple like. Use it sparingly with a good shot of coffee or something stronger! Its for those times that you’re feeling totally overwhelmed, maybe everything is on top of you, maybe you feel like giving up, maybe you have such a list of things to do that you don’t know where to start. Sound familiar? This is me every Christmas thinking about how the hell I’m going to get all the orders out!!

So take a breathe, count to ten and stop panicking. Take a look at your to-do-list or make a list of all thing things that are making you feel overwhelmed…and focus, focus, focus!! In fact just say f**kus, f**kus, f**kus – it helps trust me…AND PICK ONE THING! Choose one item on your to-do-list to start or pick one of your overwhelming ‘things’ and GET WORKING ON IT! Just start! Don’t worry about everything else, just get going with changing one thing, one task, one job!

By changing ONE THING you instantly change the entire list and your outlook on it. Tackling one problem or task will help your brain overcome overwhelm. When you’ve sorted or finished your ‘one thing’, you can move onto another ‘thing’. Whereas if you just look at your list or your problems and keep going over them again and again you don’t change anything, nothing gets started or sorted!

So start today, choose your ONE THING & GET IT STARTED to GET IT SORTED!!

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