Why Every Artist/Designer/Maker Needs To Set Routines, Habits and Rituals

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Why Every Artist/Designer/Maker Needs To Set Routines, Habits and Rituals

You’ll hear a lot of business advice about how important it is that your working week should be ‘structured’, ‘organised’ and ‘scheduled’.

Now being just a tad OCD this type of thing suits me and I revel in a good bit of organisation…well most of the time…but there are just times when I am totally chaotic and live in cloud-cuckoo-land.

Now if you ask my husband, he thinks I’m quite a disorganised person but if you ask my work colleagues you’ll find that I have all sorts of bizarre organisational ‘systems’ up my sleeve and I like nothing better than putting a structure on a good piece of chaos.

As artists/designers/makers I know that the highly creative part of our practice can be hard to ‘organise’ but I would hazard a guess that most of us have many ‘systems’ in place that we don’t really realise. I’m going to tell you that we need to have some form of routine in our lives as that will help our brains to cope with certain routine tasks but it doesn’t mean that everything has to be linear and boring.

Our problems arise if we have too many ‘bad’ routines, maybe self sabotaging thought processes like ‘that’s not perfect’ or we practice the ‘art of procrastination’ and we simply avoid doing the tasks in hand. Fitting in new routines can be a problem too, especially as the first reaction will be ‘where am I going to get time to do that’!

For now I’m going to ask you to focus on the routines, habits and rituals you already do and maybe don’t realise. Maybe you have a particular way you start the day, maybe you lay out your tools out in a particular manner, maybe you go through certain steps before starting a new piece – these are all important routines for creative heads.

These things that we do over and over again to produce our work should be taken note off and acknowledged, don’t fight them.

So go on, take note of some of the ‘structure’ you already practice and salute it!

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