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Why Every Artist/Designer/Maker Needs To Be IN Business To Succeed At Business

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Why Every Artist/Designer/Maker Needs To Be IN Business To Succeed At Business

This is a nice wee tip… Years ago I remember watching an online tutorial about how to succeed in business – now this was before the days of ‘webinars’ – the video was a bit long-winded and, to be honest, pretty boring, but this one guy came on and was talking about how he grew his multi-million pound business. His one tip was simply the following… “The ONLY way to succeed in business is to actually BE in business!” Now I can’t remember who he was or what the tutorial was that i was watching, but this one sentence has stuck with me for years.

What he meant was that you can do all the planning you want – business planning, goal setting, road-mapping – but you actually need to just get on with it. By ‘doing’ you will create a series of actions that takes you down a certain path. Its only upon reflection of what you’ve been doing – either good or bad – that then informs what you will do next.

Just by ‘being’ in business for even one year will be dramatically different from when you started. What you started off ‘thinking’ you were going to do might have completely changed within a period of time. Maybe something you were working on didn’t go according to plan and you had to change what you were doing, or maybe you hit a big win which resulted in more of an area of your business you hadn’t initially thought about. Either way your business and art moves on.

I know my art and my business today is nothing like what I initially imagined over 20 years ago!

So don’t be scared – I’m telling you just to start. Do it! Stop planning – just do! Do anything, change anything, work on just one new thing – who knows where the new path might lead to.

Remember you will succeed just by doing!!!

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