Who What When Where How BUT Start With Why

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Who What When Where How BUT Start With Why

This is probably one of my favourite, easy to use business tips!

In the late 90’s I spent 7 years of my life studying for a PhD at the Royal College of Art in London – but that’s a whole different story which you can follow here. At this time I was documenting the entire history of children’s jewellery which dated back to prehistoric times and I ended up writing a 140,000 word thesis (which nearly wrecked me, by the way).

There were times when I hit brick walls and didn’t know what to write. One of the techniques I used was to write the words ‘Who, What, When, Where, Why’ down on a piece of paper (I didn’t have a computer then as I’m so ancient). Using each word as a question, I would try to write a sentence against each point based on the topic I was researching. I was always surprised when all of a sudden I would have a new ‘plan’ on what I was going to write next.

I’ve added a few extras since then and I believe you need to ‘Start With Why’. You can basically use this technique for every project or event in your art/design/craft business. Maybe you’re planning a new collection, maybe you’ve been asked to submit work for an exhibiton or maybe you just don’t know what your doing with your life!

Try it now…I’m going to give you an example using the reasons why I started this blog…

Why: I want to start a blog using my years of knowledge to help dispel the myth of the ‘poor struggling’ artist so that I can build a following of loyal ‘fans’ that will buy and participate in my upcoming online mentoring courses. I’m giving away part of my knowledge for free in exchange for asking for money at a later date in my online courses! (Note I’m not expecting to do this ‘job’ for free!!)

Who: I am looking for like-minded artists/designers/makers who are struggling to make money from their art and who need advice on what to do next.

What: I am choosing to convey my knowledge and advice initially through blog posts on my website and later through one-to-one mentoring sessions and online courses.

When: I aim to provide a tip, piece of advice or ‘pearly word of wisdom’ on a daily basis.

Where: My information will go initially on my website and then I will promote my posts through social media. This is to be a ‘virtual’ business so that I can reach and help more people on an international basis.

How: I’m going to plan my posts a week (or a month in advance, if possible) so I can build up my writing and content. I’m going to work hard to promote what I do so I can build my following. I’m going to work on a daily and weekly basis to rock this project!!

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