Whats Really Holding You Back?

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What’s Really Holding You Back?

Do you know whats REALLY holding you back – have you ever really questioned this?

Do you constantly self-sabotage by telling yourself that its not good enough yet or worry about others might think?

What are you scared off?…Failure?…or maybe you’re actually scared of succeeding!!!

I’m always held back by my ideals of ‘perfectionism’ – no thats not quite ready because its not ‘perfect’ yet! I have very high standards about my work – in fact I am well known for teaching my interns and students that theres only TWO options for a piece of jewellery in my workshop – its either good or its f**ked, theres no in-between lol!!!

‘That’ll do’ is NOT a word in my vocabulary but at the same time I also practice ‘Get Started’ and ‘Grow From Zero’. You can work things out as you go along.

So don’t hold back, what ‘things’ are putting road blocks in your path, what can you move out of the way, what is really holding you back?

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So here’s a little tune by the Potbelleez called ‘Don’t Hold Back’ to give you some inspiration!

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