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What Name Do You Use To Describe Your Clients For Artists & Makers

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What Name Do You Use To Describe Your Clients For Artists & Makers

If you read my latest blog post Who or What Is A ‘Client’ Anyway I was asking What Name Do You Use To Describe Your Clients, customers or audience?
Each art discipline seems to have slightly different terminology!
Here’s the list I started with: client, customer, audience, following, collector, fans, tribe, applicant, buyer, consumer, patient, patron, shopper, believer, purchaser, prospect, clientele, user, representative, supporter?
I actually just found an old business plan I wrote in 2004 – it was a ‘traditional’3-5 year planI had to write when I was setting up my contemporary jewellery gallery Gold-Digger 79 in N. Ireland. Its a pretty detailed piece of work which took a couple of months to actually put together and isa50-page document. I was even commended at the time on how detailed it was and if I got ‘help’ to write it – ermmm NO! I have a brain in my head and am capable of writing about my business myself and yes, I can even ‘do’ sums!!! (Long story here for another time about how as an ‘artist’ people can be surprised that we might actually be ‘good’ at writing and maths!)
Whilst flicking through this business plan, I noticed that I used the terms ‘market segment’ and ‘end consumer’ to describe my customers – lolololololololo!!!!I would NEVER use these term now! I did also use client-base and customer-base!
How unpersonal and ‘corporate’ – which is exactly what the business plan was written for by the way – corporate bulls*t to appease the bank managers and ‘others’ at the time. Because it was ‘expected’ that every ’new’ business ’needed’ a 3-5 year business plan. And I can safely say that whilst this business plan was a very thorough and ‘lovely document’ it was a complete waste of time, was never looked at and my business still grew to 6-figures without it!!!
But I digress – more on business plans another time, lol – and back to what name do you prefer to call your customers and fan base?
I’ve already heard from some of my own ‘clients’ and ‘followers’ – so far clients, customers, followers, audience, patrons and supporters have all come up. And then theres the modern things like tribe, insiders club, vip club.
For me its still:
  • clients and customers – the people who buy and commission my art and products
  • and then I have my fans and followers – the people who follow me on social media and real life that still support me but haven’t actually made a purchase yet!
AND, perhaps more importantly, what would you be willing to actually SAY to ‘these people’ to their faces?…
‘Hey end-consumer, check out my latest painting’ or ‘Hey buyer come see me at my local craft fair’ – I’m not sure these are particularly endearing are they?
So have a think as its important to make a decision on the term you like because there’s going to be times when you will need to use ‘this word’ to talk to your ‘actual’ clients! lol!
So tell me what ‘name’ do you like?
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