What Do You Really Want?

Have you ever really thought long and hard about what YOU actually REALLY WANT?

Do you have different dreams for what you would really want in your life and what you would really want in your art practice and art business?

You know some people dream about what would happen if they won the lottery – what would you do? Would you want to sit on a beach all day sipping cocktails – sounds nice, but would you really really want to do this ALL day EVERY day? I’v always said that if I won the lottery I’d just build a bigger ‘business’ empire and one in which there would be no money worries!

Some business advisors I’ve had in the past have asked me where would I like to be in 5 – 10 years time – do you see yourself working alone or in a studio, do you see yourself with lots of stock and selling your work online, are you a ‘household name’, is your work in lots of shops, are you teaching what you do, or do you want a ‘big business’ with lots of staff?

Some people constantly say, ‘oh one day I will do such and such…’.


The Spice Girls knew what they ‘Really Really Want’!

And although I am not a big Spice Girls fan, they at least were strong individuals who were not afraid to go after things. They changed the face of ‘girl power’. They were larger than life…and living it!

The advice I’ll give you is to take the answers to these questions and really play them out in your head further down the line. What I REALLY would want from winning the lottery is to ‘not have any money worries’. When I really think about it, the headache and stress of running a ‘big business’ is NOT what I actually want.

So start by putting some of these ‘things’ in place now. If I’m really worried about money, then I can work NOW at looking how I put some steps in place. If I wanted my work to be in lots of shops 5 years from now, then I could work NOW at figuring out how I’m going to do that. If I wanted a studio of my own and was currently working from my kitchen table, then I could put a plan in place to achieve that.

Life is SHORT – Don’t leave it till ‘one day’ – what can you change right now this second to move your direction and take you down the path you REALLY REALLY WANT?


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