We All Start From Zero

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We All Start From Zero!!!

In a previous post I mentioned that the hardest part of any project is getting it started! On top of that we are constantly bombarded with outside influences telling us we’re not ‘ready’ or we’re not ‘good enough’!!

Maybe you want to start a new Instagram account but you worry that everyone you follow has thousands of followers, maybe you’d like to blog more but you have nothing yet in your blog feed and you think you’re going to look stupid, maybe you’d like to launch a new collection on your website but you only have a couple of images ready.


Get it started – launch that blog with one post, start that social media account with just yourself, press launch on that new website.

Every single business, website, social media account starts from zero – there are NO shortcuts. The hardest part is getting over the fear of getting it going! Every new business has NO customers to begin with, every new website has NO viewers, every new social media account has NO followers. BUT WE CAN ALL GROW!!!!!!

We fill ourselves with self-limiting doubts that tell us, we’re not ready, it’s not good enough and what are others going to think!

If it lives only on your head it will never become a reality.

So GET-STARTED, start from ZERO, watch it GROW!!

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