Use Images To Tell Your Artistic Story

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Use Images To Tell Your Artistic Story

Lets talk about how to Use Images To Tell Your Artistic Story.

Whats the easiest way for artists, makers & creatives to tell their story?

Well there are many different ways that I could talk about but today I’m going to start with our IMAGES!

Photographs and imagery of our ‘art’ is possibly one of our BIGGEST assets (well that and our overall branding).

But I hear you say, well duh, of course an artists imagery is important – thats obvious!

Ah but is it? I’m not just talking about all those beautiful ‘final’ shots of that ‘final’ finished piece. You know the image that you’ve perfectly staged, maybe had shot by a professional and then done a heap of touching up on.

Nope! I’m talking about ALL your imagery – photographs or graphics based around all the ‘background’ work that goes INTO actually producing one of your beautiful pieces. The nitty gritty behind-the-scenes details. The sneak peak into your making and creative process.

Pictures of your inspirations, your designs, work-in-progress shots, the tools you use, the mess of your desk at the end of the day, and perhaps even the mess of yourself lol!

Start to show people into the world of YOU as an artist and maker!

Share images of your artistic journey.

Use your imagery to ‘tell your artistic story’!

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