The Third C To A Successful Art/Design/Craft Business

In a previous post I talked about being a goldsmith, I’m used to talking to clients about the 5 C’s to buying a diamond – cut, colour, clarity, carat and certification.

I then went on to explain that there’s Seven C’s to a successful Art/Design/Craft Business! Each of these 7 areas is very different in terms of the revenue streams it can produce and I believe every artist needs a mixture of these to really excel at business. Equally every art practice will need different ratios of these areas to be successful both, financially and spiritually, and its up to you as individuals to work out your own ‘best mix’.

So let’s talk about the Third C… ‘Creating – Collections’.

‘Collections’ is a C that many artists/designers/makers probably associate with makers rather than fine artists. I use this term to describe items that are made in series or production runs – repeats – you create the piece once and then replicate it by some method.

Being a jeweller, a collection is considered more common place – you may take a design element for example and then create a series of pieces around it which together make a collection. For example in this photo I have taken my daisy flower element and made it into pendants and earrings. Its exactly the same unit, but its assembled in different ways to give a range of items. Each of these pieces can be repeated and re-produced.

The beauty of collections is that the number of hours used to research and create the first item is then absorbed into the range or collection of pieces being produced. The thought process has already been done and you can concentrate on how you’re going to produce and sell each item.

Every artist/designer/maker can think about how they might turn their art into collection pieces. I’ll  use the analogy of a fashion designer here – they are well-known for producing ‘catwalk’ or ‘show’ pieces which are a way for them to showcase their highly creative talents to an audience. You could say this is equivalent to an artist putting together a series of works for an exhibition in a gallery. The fashion designer will take their ‘cat walk’ collection and dissect it – usually this means taking various elements from it and then they re-interpret this into ‘ready-to-wear’ pieces which go into shops, boutiques and outlets. These are the pieces that get replicated and produced for sale, usually at a lower price than the one-off cat-walk pieces.

You could say that a Collections piece is a scaled down version of your bigger pieces, its a little piece of you, a mini you, a way to make elements of your higher end work more accessible to people, a part of your work which you can repeat and sell!

What elements of your larger more challenging pieces can you take and repeat into mini format?….

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