The Road Ahead Is NEVER Straight!

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The Road Ahead Is NEVER Straight!

I took this photo over the summer when we were away in Dunfanghy in Ireland. It made me laugh when I found it again!

It made me think about the road ahead and the journey we are all on!

I have never travelled a straight path in anything I’ve done in life!! In fact I have a hard time getting from A-B, as there’s so many routes I get side-tracked down lol!

If I’d taken the straight path, I would’ve done Pharmacy instead of going to art school so I would never have left N.Ireland all those years ago, never have gone to London, never have done that PHD, never have met my husband, never have started that jewellery gallery, never have gone to Australia, never have started my own business and therefore never have been here, right now writing this post this second!!!

Food for thought! So – Don’t take the straight line! Travel the other path!

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