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Tell Me About YOU & Your Jewellery Business!

Hey There!

Before we chat, I’d love to know more about YOU & your business so I can get to know you better!

I’m going to ask you about!

? Online ‘stuff’ – your website, social media & email list!

? Offline ‘stuff’ – you, your business & your goals!

Please fill out as much as you can in the form below – if you don’t have an answer, just skip it.

It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes and most of the questions are tick boxes or drop down answers – aka you dont have to write much!

Its geared towards collecting some facts and figures so I don’t have to waste our call time asking this ‘stuff’ – because I’d rather get to know YOU when we chat instead!

Fill Out The Form Below & Don’t Forget To Hit ‘Submit’ When You Are Finished!…?

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