Success is a UNIT of MEASURE

What is success? Is it having lots of money, the nice car and the nice house or is it simply feeling like you’ve achieved what you set out to do?…It’s totally different to everyone!

For your art business you can MEASURE YOUR OWN SUCCESS. Don’t look at what others are saying or doing, start by setting yourself YOUR OWN GOALS…and then measure them!

Like deciding your going to post one image everyday on social media – so measure that, if you manage to post seven photos by the end of the week….then that’s SUCCESSFUL!!

Maybe set the task of growing say your instagram account by 100 followers in a month – how are you going to do that, what pics are you going to post? Start by recording what your followers are now, challenge yourself with the task and then MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS at the end of the month to see how many followers you actually got. If you achieved your 100 then well done, BUT if you didn’t then work out why, what could you do differently and START AGAIN – ps not reaching the goal is NOT a failure, it may just need a different strategy and way of completing the task!

What else can you measure for your own success? – setting weekly/monthly goals, like how many pieces you need to make, how many you need to sell to hit a certain sales target, maybe you need to organise your time, maybe you need to find time to do your accounts or write your social media posts, maybe you want to set yourself a yearly go. Maybe you need to take a humungous task and just break it down into bite size chunks – every time you complete a task, that’s SUCCESS!!!

So go on, get going, list your own success, measure it, tick if off the list and celebrate!!

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