Start Your Art/Design/Craft Business With Why

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Start Your Art/Design/Craft Business With Why

I’m on a mission to dispel the myth of the ‘poor starving artist’.

I’m going to start with why?…

I believe that every one of us is unique.

I believe that as artists, designers and makers we were born with ‘magic hands’ and ‘magic eyes’.

I believe we are entitled to swop our skills for money – yes that’s right! I believe we should get paid for our ‘art’!

I can help you turn your creative talents into a business that makes money!

Today as I update this post on 18th June 2016 – it’s the anniversary of my father’s death – four years now. In that time I’ve also lost both my grandparents – all out of the same household. As my grandparents lived with us and brought me up, it’s been like losing three parents in a row. The emotional heartbreak is a bit hard to bear at times. But I’m lucky to have known them and heard their stories!

My father, Jack, Jackie, Johnny or JR (depending how you knew him) was a well known and much loved feature of the car industry here in N.Ireland and worked for the same family company for over 50 years. He provides me with an inspiring business role model as through his years in business, he collected a long list of loyal clients who would only ever deal with him – a talent I have thankfully inherited! My grandparents, Harry and Minnie, in their day were award winning butchers who ran two shops in Belfast – Dickson butchers. Both were highly skilled at their jobs and my grandmother, a strong female was apparantly nicknamed ‘Minnie the Hatchet’ because she was a prize ‘chop cutter’ and could ‘out chop’ any male in her field!! All three business people – but more importantly all three’s business was PEOPLE!!!

So in launching this new mentoring blog, I want to give something of myself back – pass on my own stories, tips and knowledge so that I can help inspire you to find your own talents…and to make money from them!

What’s your own why? – why do you do what you do, why do people love it?

Watch this great Ted Talk by Simon Senek – who revolutionised the thinking behind ‘starting with your why’….ENJOY!

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