Slay The Naysayers Ignore Negative Mindsets

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Slay The Naysayers Ignore Negative Mindsets

If you’ve heard me talk about ‘But You Can’t Do That’, in some of my other posts, you’ll have read how throughout my career so many people have said this to me over and over again! So Slay The Naysayers Ignore Negative Mindsets!
In fact, I would even go one step further and say that as well as this, over the years I have had to fight AGAINST people wanting me to FAIL!
Yes! That’s right! There have been times when you tell someone what you are thinking or what you’ve been doing and you can totally tell by the look on their faces that they are laughing inside and thinking ‘well that’ll never work’!!!
What To Do When This Happens
So here’s my pearly words of wisdom on that one – IGNORE ALL NAYSAYERS! These tend to people that simply have NO IDEA about what you are thinking. In fact have they even asked for details about your idea(s) or have they just jumped to conclusions and decided whatever you mentioned just simply won’t work?
Naysayers tend to be people who DON’T have the balls to try anything new for themselves and they probably lead relatively boring lives!
Naysayers are likely always ‘the glass is empty’ kinda-people and they begrudge when something ‘nice’ happens to anyone other than themselves. I bet they are also stuck-in-a-rut and truly unhappy – perhaps feeling they haven’t achieved their dreams!
So don’t be like them or let them influence you! You can check out my video; Mentorsmith Tips #4 Video: The Time I Was Told I Was A Silly Girl Playing Shop! And hear what I told this naysayer who didn’t ‘know’ me and just ‘presumed’ I didn’t know what I was talking about – stupid him, lol!!
Go Get Em
So instead of letting the naysayers bring you down. Turn that around! Let it make you more determined to succeed. AND if for some reason your idea doesn’t ‘quite work’ as you planned – THIS IS NOT A FAIL BY THE WAY!!!!!! Take notes and learn from EVERYTHING you do so you can move onto your next idea making it bigger and better!!!
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