Stop Dickin Around Tryin To Find New Clients On The Never Ending Online Hamster Wheel!

Stabilise Your Business By Selling Offline Instead!

Work with me and let me show you how to make money offline WITHOUT an email list!

? WITHOUT having a large following on social media!

Goddamnit, I’m even going to go as far as to say –  ? WITHOUT a website!

What If The Internet Blows The F*ck Up Tomorrow, Social Media Disappears And You’re Left With…

NO Email List, NO Followers & NO Website?

(don’t laugh, it is possible…)

Would YOU Still Have A Business?

?…I Would!?

You see, for more than 25 years, I’ve been growing my own special ‘list’ of what I call…


A group of high value, high worth and loyal customers who buy my jewellery over and over again. And I’ve built this list with strategies that DO NOT rely on being ‘online’.

I want to share my tricks with YOU!

Find your own Gold-Dust’ers!

Work with me and I’ll show you where they’re hiding!

When Jewellers Come To Me, They Are ALL On This Hamster Wheel Of ‘More’, ‘More’, ‘More’!

I Bet This Is YOU?…?

? You’re fed up constantly having to find new clients – and you wonder where you’re actually gonna ‘find more’ of these people anyway?!

? You’ve been trying to ‘do more’ ideal client exercises – but you’re not really sure if this elusive ‘dream client’ actually exists, lol?!

? You’ve been constantly posting ‘more’ on social media and trying to grow ‘more’ followers for what seems like FOREVER – but they rarely comment let alone buy from you anyway?!

? You’ve been building an email list with ‘more’ subscribers, but it doesn’t sell anything – and every time you send ‘more’ emails people just keep unsubscribing?!

? You’ve been building or tweaking your website with ‘more’ content (possibly for years) – but you think it must be broken as it just doesn’t ‘work’?!

? You work day and night making, making, making ‘more’ jewellery – but it never seems like you sell anything and you certainly DON’T have any ‘more’ money in the bank?!

I hear ya! I totally GET IT! I’ve been there, done that AND got the T-Shirt!

But what if I told you that I MAKE MONEY in my jewellery business by NOT doing ANY of these things!

What if I told you that these ‘online strategies’ of ‘more, more, more’ may help your business GROW (at some point), BUT they DO NOT build the initial foundations for successful high end selling!

These ARE NOT the strategies I use to put cash in my bank on a weekly basis!!!

In fact, I could say that if I took myself and my jewellery totally ‘offline’, I would STILL have a highly successful business!

OH MY! Thats A BOLD Statement right there!!!

Yup! Thats right – and I want to share my juicy nuggets of wisdom with YOU!

You See, There’s ONE Thing EVERY Single Jeweller I Mentor Forgets About…

You’ve been brainwashed into thinking you need to spend time on the online-‘more’-madness, rather than working your ‘Gold Dust List’!

YOUR Gold Dust’ers, are a list of long term clients that will spend ‘more’ time with YOU and come back for ‘more’,

So YOU will be able to sell ‘MORE’ of your jewellery to a your LOYAL client-base, rather than wasting time chasing voyeurs and tyre kickers!

Your Gold Dust List Is YOUR MOST VALUABLE Business Asset!

So instead of being on the ‘more’ online hamster wheel, spend ‘more’ of your valuable time with your Gold Dust’ers!!!

Find out who they are, get them on a list AND nuture this coveted group of super fans!!!

THEN, if you wish to ride that wheel of online more-ness you can crack right on ahead – as it will be based on a foundation of cash stability so you can grow!

Having A Gold Dust List Will Help You…

? Get To A Better Consistent Monthly Revenue

(without having to constantly find ‘new’ clients)


? Stabilize The Cash Flow In Your Business

(by providing recurring sales) 


Prevent Burn Out

(by not stressing over where the next client is coming from)


Put ‘MORE’ Actual Cash In Your Bank!


Start building your own Gold Dust List today!

Work with me and we’ll get started right away!

Make Art! Find Clients! Make Money! Make More Art!

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