How To Do What You Want In Your Art Business | Mentorsmith Tips #1 | CLARITY

by | Apr 3, 2017 | 1 comment

How To Do What You Want In Your Art Business | Mentorsmith Tips #1 | CLARITY

So here it is How To Do What You Want In Your Art Business | Mentorsmith Tips #1 | CLARITY. My first ever ‘Mentorsmith Tips’ video – this one it totally raw and unedited lol!

In this tip I’m talking about how to do what you want in your life, art practice and art business without worrying about what ‘others’ might think!!!

This one is 7 minutes long so I need to practice editing it to 5 minutes – I also need to practice not saying emmmm all the time lol!

However, I’m practicing what I preach to you all here…I’ve challenged myself that over the coming year I will be learning the new skill of video making. I’ve had to get over my fear of listening to myself on screen, I have to find ‘time’ to record the content AND I have to learn how to use all the editing tools.

Like any ‘new’ adventure, its a bit scary but like I tell you all – I’m gonna start from ZERO, get started, press go and watch it grow – cause this is WHAT I WANT!!!!!.

#dowhatyouwant #whatdoyouwant #sowhatchawant #changeyourmindset #mentortip

So come along with me for the journey and here’s a great killer song by The Beastie Boys called, ‘So What Cha Want’ to help you get your thinking caps on – the chorus for this goes through my head any time I think about what I want…

‘so what’cha, what’cha, what’cha want? (what’cha want?)’!!!

So what do you really want?

Go get it! Don’t be scared! Don’t worry about what others think! Do What makes you happy!


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  1. Marianne Kennerley

    Yeah! Good work, lady. I have to admit I secretly like a few naysayers around, I like to be challenged in my decisions… it gives time to consider a different view..


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