Overnight Success, Takes Years To Master

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Overnight Success, Takes Years To Master

Yes artists/designers/makers! Thats right! Overnight successes generally are never actually true overnight successes!!!

How many times have you seen or read an article or social media post about how such-and-such has catapulted themselves into the spotlight and is everybody’s new best friend? How did you feel – did you feel that twang of jealousy and think how did they do that?

Well the reality is typically far from the truth and most people who ‘seem’ to be an overnight success have typically worked really really hard for years beforehand to get where they now are. Remember what I was saying in a previous post about learning to look through the ‘illusion’ – well the same thing applies here. Learn to read the ‘overnight success story’ – maybe the person has had 3 previous businesses that all failed before so they’ve learnt a bucketful along the way and this time they ‘got it right’. Maybe the person actually has like 40 years experience behind them but this is the first time they’ve put themselves out into the public arena. Maybe they’ve got a real rags-to-riches story where they faced true adversity and have built themselves up bit by little bit. (Of course, maybe they just have way too much money and they’ve basically ‘bought’ their publicity and fame!!)

Whatever the reason – success is ALWAYS the result of hard work, theres no easy way to the top of your game, field or career.

So we can give ourselves a break, relax, keep on with what you’re good at, measure YOUR OWN success and don’t allow yourself to compare yourself to others!!!

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