Its Not That You Can’t Do Things, Its About How And When

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Its Not That You Can’t Do Things, Its About How And When

If you’ve read my other post ‘But You Can’t Do That’, I talk about how throughout my career I’ve heard people say this to me over and over again!
Highly frustrating!!! And so negative!
In fact I would go as far as to say that now, if I hear someone say this to me regarding one of my ideas, then I know its ‘exactly’ why I SHOULD do it! Its more like an in-built radar-dectector for someone else’s jealously and reflects their own state of mind, not mine.
Just because ‘they’ CAN’T do what you are thinking, does NOT mean that you can’t either!
Of course use with caution if the ‘thing’ you are trying to do is offensive or perhaps dangerous to your health or something! I’m not giving you the green-light here to just do anything that’s going to get you into ‘serious’ trouble.
I’m talking about hair-brain ideas that you know you can get off the ground and advance your career or business. Whilst others may see these as ‘impossible’, don’t let THEIR negativity or fear of failure cloud your own decision making process if you can see a way to make it all work.
And thats where I come to the saying, Its Not That You Can’t Do Things, Its About How And When!
The first time someone said this too me I nearly fell off my seat – I could have kissed her and jumped up and down for joy.
Several years ago now, I worked with a female mentor – she was the FIRST person that listened to ALL my ideas. Now, as I have previously found, I was expecting her to go through all these ‘things’ and rule some stuff out – or ridicule them for that matter.
You see when you know you are ‘naturally’ an ideas generator and over the past ‘other’ mentors / helpers / supporters have just thought you were crazy (you know like the guy who asked me was I a ‘silly little girl playing shop’), then you start to expect some negative feedback. (You can watch ‘that’ video here; Mentorsmith Tips #4 Video: The Time I Was Told I Was A Silly Girl Playing Shop!)
But no, this mentor specialised in dealing with creatives just like me and so she had heard it all before. Instead of being judgemental (even if she didn’t agree with my ideas) she simply said, well you know you can do ALL these ‘things’ – Its Not That You Can’t Do Things, Its About How And When!
(In fact, it was the first time anyone had been able to ‘out-talk’ me too, lol!)
And this has stuck in my head ever since. You see it all made total sense to me. What she was saying was – fabulous, lets get all your ideas down on paper and try to put some sort of time plan in place about how you are going to achieve these goals. You have so many ideas, but its not necessarily realistic to expect that you can do all of them straight away. So lets put a plan in place to work out how you are going to get there!
And this for me was a turning point in how I thought about my art business and what I wanted to do going forward. And this is a lesson I want to ALWAYS pass on to all of you.
Write all your ideas down – doesn’t matter how crazy you think (or others think they are). Just like a brainstorm exercise. Maybe you like to keep a notebook somewhere for these.
Then you can look at how long you think it might ‘realistically’ take you to actually accomplish what you are after.
Are there short term goals on your list – things that are urgent or needing done straight away. Are there dreams on there – you know long term goals that you know you won’t necessarily be able to do right now this second, but you can work on a time-plan to move closer to these over time.
With a little help and planning, I honestly believe that ANYTHING you set your mind to is possible!
I’m not saying that it will be easy. I’m saying that you can do it once you’ve worked out the various steps involved and over a period of time.
And, do you know whats great about a plan? – its not set in stone either, its a ‘plan’. Over ‘the time’ it may morph and change as you go along. Thats perfectly normal and in fact totally healthy.
One thing I’ve learnt in life is the ability to ‘adapt’ to each new situation which pushes you forward and informs your art practice.
I think as artists / designers / makers we are never really short of ideas, or bored for that matter. BUT sometimes trying to achieve ALL the ‘things’ we want to do can be overwhelming.
So make your plan, revisit it, change it if needbe, adapt, move forward…and ACHEIVE!!!
Make your ideas work, proove all those naysayers wrong.
Show them what you CAN do!
Show them HOW you have done it!
As you go along, talk about it, share it on your website and social media.
AND learn to celebrate your WINS! Shout about it! Give yourself a great big pat on the back when you do accomplish your goals…because you deserve it!
(Then, if you are anything like me, simply tick if off the list and move onto your next great big hair-brain scheme of an idea!!!)
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