If A Person Buys A Piece Of Your Art, They’ve Already Bought Into Your Story

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If A Person Buys A Piece Of Your Art, They’ve Already Bought Into Your Story

Let me repeat that – FACT: If A Person Buys A Piece Of Your Art They Bought Into Your Story – and I’m giving you SEVEN ways in which you can continue your relationship with them!

In our bid to constantly chase down new clients and new followers on social media, we often take our eyes OFF the actual prize – PAYING CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS!

The ACTUAL real-life people who have ALREADY taken the step to BUY a piece of our art! Do you have them – paying customers that is?

Have you ever sold a piece of your work? Do you know who these people are – paying customers that it? Are you building a relationship with them?

Statistics tell us that its much EASIER to be selling to EXISTING clients than it is to find NEW ones and I can tell you from over 25 years in business that this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo true.

I call ‘existing’ clients my ‘Gold-Dust’ers’ and you can read a bit more about what I have to say about them in my previous post ‘Buying Clients Are Gold-Dust’. And you can also check out my #mentortip video Who Is Your Client: Part 1 Of 3 – Real Life Clients For Artists to hear more about how you can find your clients!

Seven Ways To Rebuild Your Relationship With Gold-Dust Clients

So start today by acknowledging the clients you already have and here’s SEVEN ways you could start to re-build your relationship with them:

  1. Go gather their details into a LIST and think about how you can re-comminucate with them – i’ll repeat that, get your client details into a list of their own so you know who they are!!!
  2. Send a newsletter or send an individual email saying Hi and ask them if they’s like to join your newsletter.
  3. LOL – get an email list together and actually SEND a newsletter – you’d be surprised how many people DON’T do this!!!!
  4. Ask them about the piece of work they bought from you – ask them to send you a picture of it in its ‘real life setting’ (bonus tip – which you can then use on your website and in social media).
  5. If its been a while is it appropriate to ask them if it needs any cleaning or maintenance – for my clients for example I could ask them if their jewellery needed re-cleaned, refinished or if they have pearls did they need a re-string. Give them this for free as an offer or give them a ‘special repair / reclean’ price as its a great way to talk to them again.
  6. Let them know if you have an event coming up and think about how to make them feel ‘specially’ invited.
  7. Start a facebook group just for your clients who have purchased from you – great way to stay in touch regularly.

So don’t delay, start today!! Acknowledge the clients that you already have, client love, they’ve already bought into your story!!!

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