How To Rock The Power Of ONE In Your Art/Design/Craft Business

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How To Rock The Power Of ‘ONE’ In Your Art/Design/Craft Business

I’m an all-or-nothing kinda gal, I do everything with great gusto and in great quantity. This is something that is naturally in me and a trait I no longer fight against lol! In fact I’ve often been heard saying that I believe that whoever invented the phrase ‘less is more’ was simply a lazy b**tard as more is clearly always more and if you can’t do quality plus quantity then you haven’t tried very hard!

BUT, this post is the complete contrast to all this and I’m going to show you how to totally rock ‘The Power of One’.

As artists/designers/makers we put so much pressure on ourselves to succeed and to be accepted. We have to make, market and sell our work all at the same time. I attended a talk a couple of years ago in which the speaker was talking about better ways to ‘network’. She was explaining how daunting it can be to go into a group of people you don’t know at a ‘networking event’ and be expected to sell yourself and hand out business cards. I’ve done this many times – trying to chat to people about what they do and at the same time figuring out if they might be a potential client. Often at these events you are expected to hand out heaps of business cards and at the same time count how many ‘contacts’ you created and how many cards you received in return.

Interestingly she used the analogy of ‘quality over quantity’ and I laughed inwardly and thought, well I don’t believe in that for a start. But she went on to explain that rather than put yourself under great pressure to collect heaps of business cards that might turn out to be totally useless, just concentrate on trying to find that ‘one’ meaningful contact that could potentially grow into a great relationship. She said that if you collected just one ‘good’ contact from every networking event, then over time this would become a long list of great clients. She was basically giving me permission that ‘one is enough’!!

Now this analogy really hit home for me and I have put it in practice ever since. I’ve used it at talks I’ve given, at events I’ve attended, at exhibtions I’ve participated in and at trade shows I’ve exhibited at. Instead of worrying about wether or not I was going to ‘sell everything’ or worrying wether hundreds of people were going to attend, I was going to concentrate on just ‘one’ – one conversation started, one connection made, one email exchanged, one business card collected, one lead, one sale…you get the picture?

So go on, change your mindset – I’m giving you permission that ‘one is enough’!!!

The Power of One / One Rule / One Rules / One is Enough / One Rocks

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