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How To Create Authentic Artistic Content

by Apr 23, 2017C3 - CONTENT, Creative Content0 comments

How To Create Authentic Artistic Content

So what do I mean by Creative Content?

Get into the habit of taking photos of EVERYTHING you do – this could be your tools, how your work desk is set up, the mess of your desk at the end of the day, what you’re wearing (if that relates to your work), where you’ve been for the day, a walk somewhere, your pieces as they are worked on in progress, your visual inspiration, your artistic journey…EVERYTHING YOU!!!!!

This doesn’t have to be a painstaking or longwinded process – we all have phones and iPads with great cameras. I use my iphone / iPad EVERY SINGLE DAY and record what I’m working on on a daily basis – now it’s like I have a visual diary (and a daily obsession) and I use this on a daily basis in my blog and on social media.

So I’m not asking you to publicly splash yourself all over social media. The opposite in fact…

I’m asking you to find your own artistic or brand story that you are willing to share with your followers / fans / tribe so that they may get to know your work better. A visual ‘running commentary’ of how your beautiful work comes into creation and all that is behind it!

After all that’s why people buy your work – because they share some sort of connection to either us personally or to the aesthetics of your work.

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