How Every Artist/Designer/Maker Can Be Bohemian And Still Make Money

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How Every Artist/Designer/Maker Can Be Bohemian And Still Make Money

I wrote in a previous post, that the definition of  ‘Bohemianism’ was to ‘practice an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits’. In the same post I also started to dispel the notion that being a ‘poor struggling artist’ was a myth built around a 170 year old idea…(you can read that article here).

Now as an artist and creative nut myself, I can tell you that I fully support an unconventional lifestyle and I would hazard a guess that most artists/designers/makers would agree. Who wants to be normal, who wants to fit in – right? As an business mentor for art practices however, I am also advocating that artists/designers/makers need to think more about how to make money from their art, as well as how to make the art themselves.

So how can you do both – surely making money from your art is selling out? A true artist should make art for arts sake and shouldn’t worry about the money side of things?

Well I disgree – why not get paid for your talents?!

My secret is to find a BALANCE: Find one area of your art that can make you money and support another part of your practice that you find more fulfilling. Give away part of yourself for free in exchange for another part of your practice that brings in cash.

Feel rewarded. Feel free. Find a balance between making your passion and accepting abundance. Find your tribe, your fans, your customers, your clients, your supporters – who loves what you do, have you asked them if they’d buy a piece of you?

Find your why – why do you make what you do, why do other like-minded souls support you – what do you have in common? Promote your why, sell the emotion behind your why, ask people to buy into the feeling of your work.

I regularly get told about how it must be wonderful to do what I do everyday and how jealous they are that I can make a business around my creativity.They don’t see the hard points about running a business and paying the bills. They just see that I make ‘pretty jewellery’ and how lucky I must be. Outsiders looking in want to be creative. Many people think they can never be creative and so as artists we have a secret ingredient – we aren’t conventional or held by traditional notions, we like to think outside the box and we hold magic through our creative talents…so why shouldn’t other people reward us sometimes with money so we can continue living our own lives, paying the bills, eating AND making our art?

Be Bohemian, never fit in, break the goddam box, put a square peg in a round hole…BUT find your balance between art versus money AND get paid!

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