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& Build Beautiful Online Brands

Hi! I’m Dr Sarah McAleer – High End Makers Mentor & Bespoke Goldsmith

You’re A Talented Maker And You LOVE To Create!

But Let’s Face It…

Your Talent Just Ain’t Payin’ Off!

You’re Working Tirelessly But With Little Or No Sales…

You’re working all hours of the day (and probably most of the night),

BUT you don’t seem to be getting anywhere and the term ‘starving artist’ starts to sound endearing.

And you dream of the day (or night, lol) when you will have loyal customers who love your work AND buy from you again & again,

BUT you have no idea how to achieve this, and the idea of ‘profit’ is an imaginary word from a far-off land!

Or Maybe Your Website & Online Presence Sucks? 

You’ve been putting off creating or updating your website to showcase your work (like forever),

Because you really don’t have the time and your website isn’t selling your art, so whats the point anyway?

So you’re aimlessly posting your ‘stuff’ on social media and writing the occasional email,

But you’re only attracting your friends & other makers, and you have no clue how to ‘grow’ any of these ‘channels’ nevermind actually use them to sell anything!

Really, you’re wondering if its all worth it as you’re simply exhausted with it all?

Can you actually ‘do’ what you love fulltime, look good online AND bring in the cash?

Yes Yes Yes!

You Can Build The Business & Website You Want!

& You Don’t Have To Do It Alone.

Let Me Show You How!

I Can Help You In Two Ways

No 1: Work With Me One-To-One

I’ll Help You Make Money Selling Your Art & Products

No 2: Hire Me To Do It For You

I’ll Make-Over Your Website & Grow Your Social Media

I help makers build sustainable offline businesses whilst mastering online tactics, so you can successfully sell to higher end clients on repeat! ?

Hi There, I’m Sarah

The Creative Head Of Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith!

And I’m in the business of giving YOU real life everyday practical advice for your makers business – because I’m a maker who’s been running an ‘actual’ ‘real life’ successful makers business for 28 years!

I’ve lectured and mentored for 19 years and worked with all sorts of ‘creatives’ just like YOU!

So Whether You Call Yourself An Artist, Designer, Maker or Creative Head,

Let Me Show You How To

UpLevel Your Business AND Your Bank Account!

Institutions I’ve Worked With

Lets Get You Mentored

Let Me Help You


So heres the thing you are missing – GOLD DUST CLIENTS

This is my NUMBER ONE SECRET WEAPON – A group of high value, high worth and loyal customers who buy my jewellery over and over again.

And if you work with me, I’ll help you build your own list of Gold Dust Clients who will buy from you again and again!

Lets Build!

Let Me Help You


So instead of flinging up any old boring template site that everyone else has, lets actually take the time to think about who YOU are as a jewellery brand and how YOUR clients might want to use your site.

Lets build a customized website thats unique to YOU and your amazing jewellery.

Lets Create!

I’m Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith

I’m on a mission to transform ‘poor struggling’ jewellery makers into beautiful brands with businesses that SELL their jewellery AND have long term higher end clients.

AND I want to show you how to do this authentically whilst staying true to your artistic and creative soul.

I’ll help you profit from your creative talents and turn them into a successful business that MAKES MONEY and has clients coming back for more!

Now that might scare you. You may be thinking you’re gonna have to pimp yourself out … Not the case…

I KNOW how important it is to actually SELL OUT without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’, lol (or ‘prostituted your art’ for that matter!!!!)

I’ve got over 27 years of experience of being a successful artist and bespoke goldsmith myself and over 17 years of being a lecturer, trainer and business mentor!!!

I give real life everyday practical advice based on tips, tricks and strategies that ACTUALLY work for creative heads just like YOU!

And as I’m a jeweller myself, I practice what I preach (well most of the time anyway), and I use ALL the same ‘things’ I teach to run my own jewellery business!

You could say that after being in business consistently year in and year out and having a long term client base that comes back to me over and over again – I must be doing something right!

AND I want to share my secrets with YOU!

Let me help YOU! I’m so fed up of the concept that as ‘artists’ we have to be poor and starving – this is just a bullsh*t scarcity mindset!

I want you to SUCCEED! So lets work together, find your clients and make you some money!!!

Love Sarah xo

High End Jewellery Mentor

Hey There!

First I’m Gonna Take YOUR Jewellery Business & Sprinkle It With Gold Dust!

You see, its come to my attention that I don’t really ‘do’ things the same way as everyone else . Actually I think thats always been the case! I’ve never followed the herd and I’ve certainly never been scared of having a different opinion. 

And I’m looking for UNIQUE individuals just like YOU who want to stand out from the crowd!

So the thing is that the majority of business advice these days is all about putting your business ‘online’ like its THE magic pill that all of a sudden is gonna give you a super busy website, rack up the names in your email list, find you a gazillion followers on social media and fill your bank account with mega-bucks.

BUT what I’ve got to tell you is that this just doesn’t work – or certainly it isn’t the instant fix that we are brainwashed into believing will turn our businesses into overnight successes.

Now if you already know me as a lecturer and mentor, you’re gonna be saying,

“What The F*ck Sarah? – But surely this is EXACTLY what you teach?…. Have you not been teaching us how to build an email list, tell your story on social media AND build a kick ass website?”

….And yes yes yes, I’ll teach you all that as well BUT what if I told you that this ISN’T how I’ve been making money year in and year out for over 27 years selling my jewellery!

What if I told you that these online strategies should be used as growth tools – they are NOT how you will build the foundations of a high end jewellery business with high end clients!

Second I’m Gonna Take You From Offline To Online In Style!

Ok so once I’ve sprinkled you with some of my Gold Dust Magic, lets look at how we go from offline to online to sell more to your Gold Dust Clients and tell the story about your jewellery in a strong visual way..

Its not enough just to ‘launch’ a website – again this is something we are brainwashed into believing that you build a site, press GO and collect the cash. But after seeing behind the scenes of literally hundreds of makers businesses, I can tell you that selling online is one of the HARDEST ways to sell.

On top of that, most website layouts are ‘standard’ boring cookie cutter jobs and are NOT designed around how YOUR ‘actual clients’ might want to view and shop your site – game changing mindshift right here.

And I know this because it totally happened to me when my first official ‘online shop site’ failed miserably even though I had been successfully selling offline for years.

As creative people our ‘visual assets’ are THE most critical thing to our business (after our products and our Gold Dust Clients that is).

And Thirdly I’m Gonna Teach You How To Play The Online ‘Game’!

So I have a theory that social media is a drug and we’re ALL addicts! As artists and makers, we’ve been conned into providing highly visual and valuable content to someone else’s business FOR FREE AND then they ask US to pay for our own audience to see it!

This has got to stop!

Come work with me and I’ll show you a different way to play this game to actually grow your REVENUE and NOT just vanity metrics like fans and followers.

Yes we might grow your social media and your email list in the process, but I’m going to flip this thing around and teach you how to get your content on your website FIRST! Then we’re going to use this online toolbox to push your message out there and reach more of the ‘right’ people who want to buy your jewellery.

So I’m NOT going to teach you how to build followers – Instead I’m going to show you…

how to talk to your audience,

how to collect high quality leads and enquiries from your social media

AND how you can use your website to sell more of your high end jewellery!

Lets Play!

It’s Time For YOU To Become A Beautiful Creative Brand With A Website That Converts, A Growing Fanbase Of Loyal Customers AND a Profitable Business!

I’ll show you how to do this artistically & authentically, so you can ‘sell out’ without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’. (Ha Ha! Get my little joke there?)

So lets make Art AND Money!

Make Art! Find Clients! Make Money! Make More Art!

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