I Work With Cash-Strapped Artists, Makers & Handmade Product Based Businesses Who Want To…


✔️ Build a sustainable maker’s businesses

✔️ Become a master crafts(wo)man at your sales & marketing

✔️ Learn how to take control of your money

✖️ WITHOUT having to spend hours updating your website, growing your email list, getting more followers on social media OR dancing in videos (cause who has time for all that anyway!)

Learn how to SELL every single week on repeat!

Download My List Of Daily Money Makers

Get started TODAY and download my e-guide ‘11 Daily Ways To Make Money From Your Art’ which teaches 11 easy tasks you can do EVERY DAY to turn your daily routine into Money Making Tasks!

You’re A Talented Maker And You LOVE To Create!

But Let’s Face It…Your Talent Just Ain’t Payin’ Off!

You’re Working Tirelessly But With Little Or No Sales…

You’re working all hours of the day (and probably most of the night),

BUT you don’t seem to be getting anywhere and the term ‘starving artist’ starts to sound endearing.

And you dream of the day (or night, lol) when you will have loyal customers who love your work AND buy from you again & again,

BUT you have no idea how to achieve this, and the idea of ‘profit’ is an imaginary word from a far-off land!

Or Maybe Your Website & Online Presence Sucks?

You’ve been putting off creating or updating your website to showcase your work (like forever),

Because you really don’t have the time and your website isn’t selling your art, so whats the point anyway?

So you’re aimlessly posting your ‘stuff’ on social media and writing the occasional email,

But you’re only attracting your friends & other makers, and you have no clue how to ‘grow’ any of these ‘channels’ nevermind actually use them to sell anything!

You’re Fed Up Hearing ABout Other Makers (& Coaches) Go On About Having 10k Months When You Can’t Even Put 10 Bucks In The Bank

Really, you’re wondering if its all worth it as you’re simply exhausted with it all?

Can you actually ‘do’ what you love fulltime, look good online AND bring in the cash?

Yes Yes Yes!
You Can Build The Business & Website You Want!
& You Don’t Have To Do It Alone.
Let Me Show You How!

I Can Help You Make Money In 3 Ways

You can choose the do-it-yourself route and take one of my Money Courses,

We can work together in sessions to build you a Money Strategy

Or you can get Money Mentoring and work with me on a one to one basis.

No 1: Take A Money Course

If you like the DIY approach then check out my Money Making Courses which you can take and implement at your own pace. These are a great starting point.

No 2: Build A Money Strategy

If you want to SELL then book in for a Money Strategy Session where we’ll design a specific SELLING plan for your website, emails or social media.

No 3: Get Money Mentoring

If you need a more hands on approach, then choose mentoring, we’ll give your business a ‘Money Audit’ and transform your tasks into Money Makers.

I help makers build sustainable offline businesses whilst mastering online tactics, so you can successfully SELL on repeat!

Hi There, I’m Sarah
The Creative Head Of Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith!

I Work With Cash-Strapped Artists, Makers & Handmade Product Based Businesses Who Want To…

And I’m in the business of giving YOU real life everyday practical advice for your makers business – because I’m a maker who’s been running an ‘actual’ ‘real life’ successful makers business for 30 years!

So Whether You Call Yourself An Artist, Designer, Maker or Creative Head,
Let Me Show You How To
UpLevel Your Business AND Your Bank Account!

Institutions I’ve Worked With

I’ve taught, lectured and mentored for 25 years and worked with all sorts of ‘creatives’ just like YOU!

Are you ready to get started

– or are you still procrastinating and wondering if you should learn how to dance in videos for social media instead?

Here’s the thing, if you DON’T start taking Money Matters into your own hands and SELLING your products, you’ll NEVER bring cash into your business and you’re just going to be broken in 10 years time with a big fat ZERO in your bank account!

You can’t afford NOT to do this!

It’s Time For YOU To Uplevel Your Business AND Your Bank Account
Join my revolution of rebelmakers and learn easier ways to MAKE MONEY, never again be afraid to ASK for the sale AND exchange your talents for cash!

Make Money AND Art!