Turn your Art Practice into an Actual Business that earns loads of money!

You’re A Talented Artist / Maker

And You LOVE To Create!

But let’s face it…

your talent just ain’t payin’ off!

You’re working all hours of the day (and probably most of the night),

BUT you don’t seem to be getting anywhere and the term ‘starving artist’ starts to sound endearing.

You dream of the day (or night, lol) when you will have loyal customers who love your work AND buy from you again & again,

BUT you have no idea how to acheive this, and the idea of ‘profit’ is an imaginary word from a far-off land!

You’re wondering if its all worth it and can you actually ‘do’ what you love AND pay your bills,

AND (shock horror) will there ever be a time when you can go on holiday or have time to spend with your family & friends?

YES YES YES! You Can Build

the life and business you want!

AND you don’t have to do it alone.

Let me show you how!

Hey There!

I’m Sarah McAleer

I’m on a mission to transform ‘poor struggling’ artists & makers into beautiful brands with profitable businesses.

AND I want to show you how to do this authentically whilst staying true to your artistic and creative soul.

I’ll help you profit from your creative talents and turn them into a business that MAKES MONEY!

Now that might scare you. You may be thinking you’re gonna have to pimp yourself out … Not the case …

I KNOW how important it is to actually SELL OUT without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’, lol (or ‘prostituted your art’ for that matter!!!!)

I’ve got 25 years of experience of being a successful artist and goldsmith myself and nearly 17 years of being an art lecturer and business mentor!!!

I give real life everyday practical advice based on tips, tricks and strategies that ACTUALLY work for creative heads just like YOU!

And as I’m an artist and maker myself, I practice what I preach (well most of the time anyway), and I use all the same ‘things’ to run my own creative business!

Let me help YOU! I want you to SUCCEED!

Love Sarah xo

Artist, Jeweller, Historian, Maker & Mentor

It’s Time For YOU To Become A Beautiful Artist  / Maker Brand With A Website That Converts, A Growing Fanbase Of Loyal Customers AND a Profitable Business!

I’ll show you how to do this artistically & authentically, so you can ‘sell out’ without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’.

Make Art AND Money!


What My Students Think

Meet Jennifer – she came to me with a broken WordPress site that was very sad, grey and lonely. After doing my branding course and working out her style, font and colours we discovered how much Jennifer loves white space mixed with shades of cobalt blues and navy. After this revelation I built Jennifer a fresh, clean and beautiful jewellery website that’s now getting 1.6k views a month and growing.

Meet Melissa – she wanted me to start working on a new website for her but didn’t quite know where to start or what she wanted, apart from the fact she had a logo which was pink! So she took my branding course and really went to town finding her brand imagery, choosing her fonts and working up a great colour palette thats totally authentic to HER – and yes it has several shades of pink in it! Now we’re working that into a new website so watch this space!

Meet Eddie – he’s was my very first intern and prodigy over 14 years ago! After working for (and with) me, he set up his own studio 10 years ago and has made a highly successful jewellery business which does multiple 5 figures consistently EVERY single year with PROFIT! I love him so much I now share a workshop with him and get to hear him give me back my own advice – lol!

Make Art! Find Clients! Make Money! Make More Art!

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