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Find Your Gold-Dust Clients

WITHOUT making ‘more’ jewellery.

WITHOUT building an email list or ‘doing’ dream client work.

WITHOUT needing followers on social media – heck you don’t even need a website!

STOP Bustin Your Balls Selling £$50 Product

learn how to go from NOT SELLING to being BOOKED with high end sales and get client jobs that add an extra ‘0’ (even two ’00’) on every order!

The Gold-Dust List Formula

is a 6-Week Intensive

for jewellers who want to build a high value & loyal client base


sell more high end jewellery on repeat

Are YOU On This Hamster Wheel Of ‘More’, ‘More’, ‘More’?…?

? You’re fed up constantly having to find new clients – and you wonder where you’re actually gonna ‘find more’ of these people anyway?!

? You’ve been trying to ‘do more’ ideal client exercises – but you’re not really sure if this elusive ‘dream client’ actually exists, lol?!

? You’ve been constantly posting ‘more’ on social media and trying to grow ‘more’ followers for what seems like FOREVER – but they rarely comment let alone buy from you anyway?!

? You’ve been building an email list with ‘more’ subscribers, but it doesn’t sell anything – and every time you send ‘more’ emails people just keep unsubscribing?!

? You’ve been building or tweaking your website with ‘more’ content (possibly for years) – but you think it must be broken as it just doesn’t ‘work’?!

? You work day and night making, making, making ‘more’ jewellery – but it never seems like you sell anything and you certainly DON’T have any ‘more’ money in the bank?!

I hear ya! I totally GET IT! I’ve been there, done that AND got the T-Shirt!

But what if I told you that I MAKE MONEY in my jewellery business by NOT doing ANY of these things!

What if I told you that these ‘online strategies’ of ‘more, more, more’ may help your business GROW (at some point), BUT they DO NOT build the initial foundations for successful high end selling! These ARE NOT the strategies I use to put cash in my bank on a weekly basis!!!

In fact, I could say that if I took myself and my jewellery totally ‘offline’, I would STILL have a highly successful business!

OH MY! Thats A BOLD Statement right there!!!

Yup! Thats right – and I want to share my juicy nuggets of wisdom with YOU!

I want to teach you my ‘Gold Dust List Formula’ that I use EVERYDAY in my own business that will help you…

? Sell ‘more’ high end jewellery


? Build a loyal client base that comes back for ‘more’ of your pieces


? Put ‘more’ actual cash in your bank!

How would YOU feel if you had a full order book WITHOUT having to be on the ‘more emails, more followers, more content’ hamster wheel all the time?

Pretty friggin good right?

Heck! Who DOESN’T want to sell ‘more’ jewellery at higher prices so you can stop cryin when you’ve worked for hours on a piece but only get peanuts for it and your bank account is at ZERO???!!!

Then The Gold-Dust List Formula Is For YOU!

here’s how we’re gonna hammer this thing out…

This ISN’T ‘another’ course with pretty slide shows and workbooks with ‘more’ stuff piled onto your workload that you’ll never do! (Although you are gonna have ‘some’ homework, lol).

This IS about working together in an intimate group to create steps that are relevant to how YOU’RE gonna sell ‘more’ high end jewellery in YOUR business.

The Gold Dust List Formula has a set of tasks that we’ll build EACH WEEK together. Each step is actionable straight away so you can grow YOUR Gold Dust List right outta the gate.

By the end of the 6 weeks you’ll have a step-by-step action plan. You’ll be able to repeat and rinse the formula on a weekly basis and be on your way to booking high end clients!

you’ll get ongoing support in a private facebook group AND each week there’ll be a LIVE training session focusing on ONE TOPIC at a time as follows…

Week One

Find & Start Building Your Gold-Dust List!

In this session we’re gonna learn how to…

✦ Start looking for your high value clients – who are they and where are you going to find them.

✦ Get them into a Gold-Dust list – how to build your list and what information you need to be collecting.

✦ Do all this FIRST using your EXISTING customers so you can build your Gold Dust List straight away!

Week Two

Follow The MONEY Mindset!

In this session we’re gonna learn how to…

✦ Upgrade our money mindset – why money ISN’T a dirty word.

✦ Follow a ‘Money Monday Mantra’ to set weekly money goals.

✦ Track money flowing INTO our business rather than out of it ? GAMECHANGER right there!!!

Week Three

Getting OFF The Hamster Wheel!

In this session we’re gonna learn how to…

✦ Analyse what you’ve already got.

✦ Look at whats working (and not working) in your business.

✦ Make money decisions based on ‘actual’ facts & figures and not guesswork!

Week Four

Identify Your High End & Best Selling Products!

In this session we’re gonna learn how to…

✦ Identify which pieces you ALREADY make that can become your high end products and offerings.

✦ Be honest and weed out any items that suck or just don’t sell!

✦ Look at simple ways to upgrade your products WITHOUT having to invent a new collection or make ‘more’ stuff.

Week Five

Take Your Clients On A Journey!

In this session we’re gonna learn how to…

✦ Plan a non-sleasy non-salesy sales journey for your high end clients.

✦ Send your client down a ‘sales pipeline’ without getting lost in technical jargon.

✦ Actually implement this stuff to book in your FIRST client meeting or bank your next sale!

Week Six

Talk To Your Clients & Bring In The Cash!

In this session we’re gonna learn how to…

✦ Build long lasting relationships by communicating with your high end clients and working out what you’re gonna say.

✦ Track the difference between ‘booking in’ and ‘banking’ the orders and the cash.

✦ Put these strategies on REPEAT and celebrate your success!

Hi! I’m Sarah McAleer

I’m an experienced bespoke goldsmith & jewellery mentor!

It’s my mission to help jewellers just like YOU find you’re Gold-Dust clients and successfully sell to them over and over again.

I’m going to take you from ZERO to busy order book WITHOUT feeling like you’re on that never ending hamster wheel!

So no more scrambling around for MORE email subscribers and MORE followers, or having to produce MORE content and MORE jewellery.

Learn why your GOLD DUST LIST is your businesses MOST VALUABLE ASSET and how this list has put money in my bank account for well over 17 out of my 27 years as a jeweller!

Let me show you how to build a profitable GOLD-DUST LIST instead!!!

The Gold-Dust List Formula!

here’s what you’re gonna get – I have 2 options for ya…

? The Gold Dust Level with trainings and support in a private facebook group.


? Or if you want more individual attention then upgrade to the Gold Dust VIP and get my eyes on your business on a weekly basis.


? PLUS there’s a Fast Action Bonus for signing up straight away!

Lets Get Started!

Gold Dust Level

✦ SIX weekly LIVE training sessions.

✦ Private Facebook group.

✦ All your questions answered in the Q&A thread each week!

✦ Replays for ALL recordings of training sessions PLUS access to ALL documents and templates we create.

✦ Direct support from me in the FB group.

Gold Dust VIP

✦ SIX weekly LIVE training sessions.

✦ Private Facebook group.

✦ All your questions answered in the Q&A thread each week!

✦ Replays for ALL recordings of training sessions PLUS access to ALL documents and templates we create.

✦ Direct support from me in the FB group.


✦ A 1:1 90 minute deep-dive session with me where we will identify YOUR high end offerings and work on your Gold-Dust list together!

✦ Then weekly 30 minute check-in sessions where I’ll work with you 1:1 to book in your FIRST high end client order or sale.


Get TWO 60 minute 1:1 calls with me – one at the beginning and one at the end of the intensive – where we will find YOUR Gold-Dust clients!

In order to qualify for the Fast Action Bonus you need sign up to the intensive before 23rd May, at 6pm EST / 11pm UK time!

Get YOUR Fast Action Bonus BEFORE The Timer Runs Out!








What If’s, Why’s & Buts…

What if I don't have a business yet?

✦ Hmmmmm! Well if you’re just starting out in your jewellery business then this intensive probably isn’t for you. 

✦ We really need a history of sales behind us as we’re going to use the information from that to build a foundation for the future!

✦ Why don’t you join my main facebook community instead – I give out lots of juicy tips and advice in there on a regular basis – click here to join The Get MentorSmiths!

What If I Don't Have Any Clients?

✦ Well here’s the thing – if you’ve sold ANYTHING over your years in business then YOU HAVE CLIENTS!

✦ I’m going to show you how to use the information from your PAST sales to get MORE sales.

✦ This ISN’T about trying to find NEW clients and convince them to buy from you. This is about making the most of what you’ve ALREADY got!

But How Long Do I Need To Have Been In Business For This To Work?

✦ Theres no ‘set’ amount of years you need to qualify for this intensive to work for you.

✦ You just need to BE in business and have sold your jewellery along the way.

✦ It doesn’t matter whether your sales are good or bad, or have been up and down over the years. This is about putting foundations in place that will help you move in a more stable direction.

But I Don't Have Any High End Products Or High End Clients?

✦ YES you do!

✦ First, I’m going to show you how to put your high end products and offers together WITHOUT having to make anything new.

✦ Then, I’m going to show you how you can upgrade your clients and match them with your new offers!

✦ This is about selling and using what you ALREADY HAVE!

What if I get stuck?

✦ No problemo! We have a private facebook group totally dedicated to this intensive where you can ask any questions you want.

✦ PLUS, I’m here to help you AND I want YOU to succeed!

But I don't have time!

✦ I get it – I know you’re busy – but this intensive is for people who are READY to move the status quo in their business and uplevel their money!

✦ I know EXACTLY what its like to feel you don’t have time for anything. So my BIGGEST TIP is to set aside a little bit of ‘regular’ time either each day or each week to get these tasks done!

✦ You also get LIFETIME access to all the videos and training materials BUT you really need to show up LIVE each week for this to work!

✦ This intensive is an investment into your future business – who doesn’t have time for that?!

But I don't know if I'm ready!

✦ Of course you’re ready – you were born ready!

✦ Take the leap, get started right now this second!

✦ This intensive is your first step to building a solid foundation for your jewellery business so you can MAKE some actual real life MONEY!

✦ You’ve totally got this – and I’m here to help!

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