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Get Your Artistic Content On Your Website

by May 17, 2017C3 - CONTENT, Creative Content, Social Media Swindle0 comments

Get Your Artistic Content On Your Website

So why do you need to Get Your Artistic Content On Your Website?

OK artists, designers and makers – this is one of my BIG pearly words of wisdom and I can’t stress it highly enough.

If you’ve watched my Mentorsmith Tips #3 video….you’ll hear me talk about my theory that Social Media is in fact just one big SWINDLE, lol – its such an interesting debate.

My point though is simple. These days we are ‘trained’ (or rather brainwashed) into spending hours and hours building our social media followings and posting 100’s, if not 1000’s, of imagery of our fabulous pieces of art. HOWEVER, how many of you have actually spent ANY time updating your websites or making sure that some of this new daily content is available to see on your website?

I see this mistake ALL the time – once you’ve put your work on to social media you have given those platforms OWNERSHIP of your content (for free). It would be the same as taking your stock of pieces and dropping them off at a local shop in the HOPE that they might display it and maybe even sell something. BUT YOU WOULDN’T DO THAT WOULD YOU???

NO!!!! What you would do is build up your collection in your own studio and then you would carefully select which outlets, shops or galleries you would like to exhibit or stock your work in. Right?

So Get Your Artistic Content On Your Website!

Putting your own artistic content on your own website gives YOU ownership over it. This is where, you want YOUR clients, customers and audience will come to buy and view your work. This is where you have CONTROL over who visits and who sees your work. We have NO control over social media and they are always changing their algorithms to make it harder for people to see our posts.

So, learn to play the game, learn to play social media at their own game, change your mindset. Put your content on your website first BEFORE it goes on social media.

So give your work the respect it deserves – GET YOUR OWN CONTENT ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE!!!!!…thus endeth the lesson!

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