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Finding Time To Write Creatively

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Finding Time To Write Creatively

As artists, designers and makers we tend to focus on making our work – but what about writing about it?

With the big shift towards social media these days, you can’t get away from the ‘written word’ – whilst yes an image speaks a thousand words, your followers still want to know more…they want to know about you as an artist, they want to know more about your work, they want to know about your inspirations, your work-in-progress…they want to know about your world.

Writing creatively is something that will start to come more naturally to you if you begin by trying to describe your work and your process. This is ‘unique’ to you. Start to tell your story. Don’t worry if its not ‘grammatically’ correct – try to write it how you speak or would describe it to someone you are talking to. Make it more personal…allow people the chance to see a little insight into your thoughts and your soul!

So how are you going to find time in your busy day to do all of this? You have to ‘make’ a time for this, schedule it and repeat the task in hand on a daily basis – soon enough it will become part of your daily routine.

I started by spending one hour every morning over my cup of tea at the beginning, now I spend nearly 2 hours EVERY morning doing my blog and social media for my jewellery and my mentoring. Some mornings writing it, some mornings planning for the next week – always looking at how this can either describe what I’m working on or ‘sell’ a piece by linking it to a product from my website.
This is now my morning routine, my mantra, a way for me to sit in thought and express myself before starting the day!
You can check out how I do it by watching my Mentorsmith Tips #2 video….

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