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You See, There's ONE Thing EVERY Single Jeweller I Mentor Forgets About...

You've been brainwashed into thinking you need to spend time on the online-'more'-madness, rather than working your 'Gold Dust List'!

YOUR Gold Dust'ers, are a list of long term clients that will spend 'more' time with YOU and come back for 'more',

So YOU will be able to sell 'MORE' of your jewellery to a your LOYAL client-base, rather than wasting time chasing voyeurs and tyre kickers!

Your Gold Dust List Is YOUR MOST VALUABLE Business Asset!

So instead of being on the 'more' online hamster wheel, spend 'more' of your valuable time with your Gold Dust'ers!!!

Find out who they are, get them on a list AND nuture this coveted group of super fans!!!

THEN, if you wish to ride that wheel of online more-ness you can crack right on ahead - as it will be based on a foundation of cash stability so you can grow!

Having A Gold Dust List Will Help You...

? Get To A Better Consistent Monthly Revenue

(without having to constantly find ‘new’ clients)


? Stabilize The Cash Flow In Your Business

(by providing recurring sales) 


Prevent Burn Out

(by not stressing over where the next client is coming from)


Put 'MORE' Actual Cash In Your Bank!



Finding The Real Me: Part Two


This is an image I took of myself last year in Portugal at the Reverance Valada Music Festival. It’s a picture of the colourful gypsy caravans you could camp in – isn’t it fabulous. I’m a bit of a gypsy at heart and was probably one in a previous life so this image resonates with my soul.


Being a gypsy reminds me of my recently departed grandfather and his wise words of wisdom. Several years ago, when Ian and I were thinking about moving ourselves half way across the world to Australia, he gave me a piece of advice I’ll never forget.


Now back-track a little bit, I had just found out I was pregnant and my mum was freaking out about the fact that if we moved to Austraila she wasn’t going to see ‘her first grandchild’ being born! Likewise I was considering the fact that moving at all would also mean giving up a business and staff that I had spent four years creating.


So the odds for support weren’t in our favour lol! Whilst everyone else was saying, Oh No, Don’t Go – my grandfather took me aside and told me this…he said,


‘Sarah – you know you and Ian are really gypsies at heart. You’ve moved around a lot trying to find your ‘home’. The fact that you’re even thinking about moving means you haven’t found you’re home yet and so you have to go and try to find it. Don’t live with regrets!’


How wise…good auld granda!!! PS we did move to Australia but it wasn’t our ‘home’ either and we’re still looking!


In a previous post I asked you to take a look at your profile picture and see what it says about you. I debated how mine is really an ‘illusion’ because in ‘real life’ I don’t have ‘nice’ straight hair and in fact most days I rock a slightly dishevelled look with a big head of curly hair.


So I’ve decided to have some fun and go through my photos to see if there’s an image that better defines who I really am! I could, for example, go and get some new ‘professional’ images of myself taken with my curly mop, but I feel that I would still try to ‘dress myself up’ and it still won’t really be me!!


Compare this to the image below and see if you think I’ve found the real me??!! Have I found myself?? You can read what I have to say about the image below <a href=

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