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Money Money Money - Its Not Funny!

Any time I hear the word 'money' all I can think of is Abba and their 'Money Money Money' song. The song is an absolute classic and almost as old as me, lol!

But money can be a great big fat dirty word. Especially when other people don't believe that you can earn money from your talents - and this certainly is NOT funny!

I work all night, I work all day, To pay the bills I have to pay - Ain't it sad? And still there never seems to be, A single penny left for me - That's too bad!

So is this you? You work ALL day, you work ALL night and theres never any money in the bank?

Ain't it sad?

In my dreams I have a plan, If I got me a wealthy man, I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball.

And in your dreams you have a plan - who doesn't!

But hey, you DON'T have to find a wealthy man.

You just have to work out a better way to make money from your art!

Money, money, money, Must be funny, In the rich man's world! Money, money, money, Always sunny, In the rich man's world!

Aha-aha - All the things I could do, If I had a little money...

Sing Along To Abba's Classic 'Money Money Money' Song From 1976!

Aha...All the things YOU CAN DO once you build your art / maker practice into a profitable art / maker business!

So Take Matters Into Your Own Hands & Make Your Own Sunshine!

what if I told you that by adopting 11 easy tasks into your working day & week, I could help you change your money worries?

Yes that's right, I've written a guide that explains, in detail, 11 'things' I do on a daily, weekly AND monthly basis that has the capacity to bring money into your art or maker business.

I use these very strategies EVERY SINGLE DAY in my own jewellery business - in fact I've been using and teaching these 'things' for years!

I call these my 'Money Makers' & I'm sharing them with YOU!

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Sarah McAleer 
Jeweller | Maker | Mentor

Hey, I'm Sarah McAleer, here to transform 'poor struggling' artists & makers into beautiful brands with profitable businesses. AND I want to show you how to do this authentically without feeling like you've 'sold out'.

I'm a goldsmith and artist, just like YOU, and I've been doing this 'stuff' for over 25 years!

I've learned a lot in my time ( the good, the bad and the ugly, lol ) and I'm ready to help YOU!

This money making guide shows you how to implement easy strategies in your working routine that will help you SELL your art or products! 

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Finding The Real Me: Part Two


This is an image I took of myself last year in Portugal at the Reverance Valada Music Festival. It’s a picture of the colourful gypsy caravans you could camp in – isn’t it fabulous. I’m a bit of a gypsy at heart and was probably one in a previous life so this image resonates with my soul.


Being a gypsy reminds me of my recently departed grandfather and his wise words of wisdom. Several years ago, when Ian and I were thinking about moving ourselves half way across the world to Australia, he gave me a piece of advice I’ll never forget.


Now back-track a little bit, I had just found out I was pregnant and my mum was freaking out about the fact that if we moved to Austraila she wasn’t going to see ‘her first grandchild’ being born! Likewise I was considering the fact that moving at all would also mean giving up a business and staff that I had spent four years creating.


So the odds for support weren’t in our favour lol! Whilst everyone else was saying, Oh No, Don’t Go – my grandfather took me aside and told me this…he said,


‘Sarah – you know you and Ian are really gypsies at heart. You’ve moved around a lot trying to find your ‘home’. The fact that you’re even thinking about moving means you haven’t found you’re home yet and so you have to go and try to find it. Don’t live with regrets!’


How wise…good auld granda!!! PS we did move to Australia but it wasn’t our ‘home’ either and we’re still looking!


In a previous post I asked you to take a look at your profile picture and see what it says about you. I debated how mine is really an ‘illusion’ because in ‘real life’ I don’t have ‘nice’ straight hair and in fact most days I rock a slightly dishevelled look with a big head of curly hair.


So I’ve decided to have some fun and go through my photos to see if there’s an image that better defines who I really am! I could, for example, go and get some new ‘professional’ images of myself taken with my curly mop, but I feel that I would still try to ‘dress myself up’ and it still won’t really be me!!


Compare this to the image below and see if you think I’ve found the real me??!! Have I found myself?? You can read what I have to say about the image below <a href=