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My perfect day in 5 words…create, family, fun, laugh, dream!

Family & Fun – so these are two words that should go together – especially when you have children. In the past I’ve been known to say that my business is my ‘third child’, but this year I am trying to find better ways to put family first and create for myself a new work-life-balance.

It’s hard when you run a busy business and in previous years I have been guilty of being a ‘work-a-holic’. Often working 6 days a week and then crashing on a Sunday, not to mention the long nights and 12 – 14 hour days. Before I had children this wasn’t always an issue but nowadays this just isn’t how I want to work…but it’s taken me nearly 8 years to really appreciate that lol!!!

It goes without saying that once you have children your view of life changes – well it has to doesn’t it – you have to think about them and their needs. However, I found that with being female, there was great pressure in the fact that ‘the perception’ was I should be a stay-at-home-mum..because thats what ‘you do’ if you are female. So in our family we turned that on its head and had a reversal and my hubby, Ian stays at home with the children. Needless-to-say, that seems to be even more ‘taboo’ and most people just don’t get it and we get asked – but does he not work? – ummm yes! his full time job is caring for the kids!

Then there’s the business mindset that you have to keep working or you won’t get what you’re doing finished – oh if I just work on that a little bit longer then I’ll get such and such done – again this is wrong and something I’ve suffered from my whole business life. I call it ‘the pile of pooh syndrome’ – its always there – even if you clear your ‘to do’ list one day, it will have piled right back up again the next. So my theory now is – allocate a chunk of time each day to tackle a task and accept that that’s enough!

Getting back to family – spending time with them is a blessing and my children are highly entertaining and both girls have great sense of humours! So its on my ‘to do list’ to have more fun this year with them!!

So lets change our work-life-balance equation – family first with a good helping of fun to keep us all healthy!!!

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