How Every Artist/Designer/Maker Can Use The Art Of Illusion

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How Every Artist/Designer/Maker Can Use The ‘Art’ Of Illusion

OK so what do I mean here? Well let me give you a few of scenarios…

  1. You meet up with up with other artist friends you haven’t seen in a while, ‘Hows it going?’, you all ask each other – Oh Yeh Great!, I’m doing this, I’m doing that. Made these pieces, been doing this big exhibition, have my work here and there, maybe got an award!
  2. You’re doing a fair – maybe a craft fair, art fair or trade fair – its quite busy and everyone else seems to be talking to lots of people, selling and generally doing great whereas you’ve been standing all day, everyone seems to be walking by you and you haven’t sold anything. You ask your neighbour how its going and he/she says yup its great, having a really busy day, sold lots and taken orders…you feel crap!
  3. You see a great article about a fellow artist in the newspaper or plastered all over their social accounts media celebrating that they’ve had this big exhibition at a leading gallery or maybe their product was accepted into a big retail outlet. The article is really impressive, its a big achievement, you feel jealous and wonder why its not happening to you, after all your work is just as good if not better.

Do you see any ‘illusions’ here – no probably not, but I’m sure you’ve had these conversations or been in these situations? I know I have…HOWEVER let me tell you this, maybe I’ve just become really cinical over the years, BUT you have to learn to look past these ‘smoke screens’ and really dissect each scenario because generally people are in the same boat as you and aren’t doing just as well as you think.

Nobody wants to talk about the lows, but everyone wants to tell you about their highs and their wins.

Nobody says – well you know I’m flat broke, have hit a creative brick wall, have been rejected from just about every gallery I’ve applied to, can’t sleep, have no studio to work from at the moment and life is shit!

You don’t go on social media and boast about not getting that big award you just busted your balls for over the past few months, you don’t spread the word about not having sold an entire piece of your work for the past year. The reality is, (and I’ve done this), if you’re at a fair and you ask how much money did someone make you’ll probably find that, yes they’ve spent all day talking to people and were busy but actually most of them were their friends, maybe they took lots of contacts but actually they sold one small item at £15. Or the big win that some else is raving about, maybe they’ve spent 6 months preparing for a major exhibition, haven’t sleep in weeks to get it all finished, then its on display for 2 months at the most and guess what, they don’t sell a single piece! Or maybe yes someone has a really big win and gets lots of success and publicity out of it, but this is generally something short term, it lasts for a couple of months and then you’re back to square one.

What I’m saying is that as artists/designers/makers we are all good at talking about and ‘bigging up’ what we do, creating smoke screens sometimes to the reality of our practices and hence creating an illusion that we are doing so much better than we are. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is wrong, in fact I’m saying learn how to use it to your advantage. If you are celebrating a win, give yourself a big pat on the back and yes shout it out loud from every social media platform you have, you deserve it.

Learn to Use Your Illusion…see how you can craft your stories about yourself. This is really what marketing and promotion is all about. What can you ‘big up’, what can you celebrate?

or if you don’t know how to use your illusions, don’t worry, don’t cry, you can try using curse words and listen to some great rock music…Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion Album comes to mind!!!


..and two wee songs to finish the post off, depending on your mood…

‘Dont Cry’ by GNR…remember we’re all in the same boat, I’ve got your back!!!

Or, some classic artistic makeup-ery with KISS, and a song which is nearly as old as me, ‘Shout It Out Loud’…enjoy!!!


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