Dont Plan, Do!

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Don’t Plan, Do!!!

We all know that lots of great business advice is about planning – planning your day, planning your jobs, planning your goals, planning your money, planning your business, planning your life, planning what your gonna cook for dinner!

Now I’m not going against this advice in any way and yes, there are times when you need a good plan. In fact I love a good plan and could spent my entire day just inventing new ways to plan, schedule, organise and code just about my everything to do with my entire existence and yours…

BUT…there are times when planning is just another form of procrastination, a self-sabotaging method we engage in to actually stop us from getting the task(s) at hand done!

Sometimes you just need to get on with it, do your homework, tackle the hard stuff…and DO!

So stop planning, get on with it, do it, do!!!!!

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