Do You Value Your Time

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Do You Value Your Time

Artists/Designers/Makers – Do you value your time? Do you know what you’re really worth? I’m going to hazard a guess here and say that most creatives totally under estimate the true value of themselves and their time.

Time is the one element that everyone has in common, there are only so many hours in the day – 24 to be exact and 168 in every week. We need time to sleep, time to eat, time to create…and time to live! A person in a ‘regular job’ – ie a job where they are working for an employer – is paid by the hour for their time. They know what their ‘working time’ is valued at and how much they can expect to earn based on the number of hours they work. Most creatives stumble around in the dark wondering what to charge per hour but even before this, I would say that many creatives simply haven’t thought about their ‘art practice’ like a ‘job’. Have you ever thought about how much the time spent in your everyday ‘art practce’ is actually worth!

Now what do I mean by this? Well I mean that its important to start changing your mindset and begin to think about how valuable your creative ‘working time’ actually is – every single second, minute, hour, week. The time you spend creating a piece of work, the time you spend coming up with ideas or thinking about a new concept, the time you spend talking to clients, the time you spend trying to sell a piece at an event, the time you spend on social media, the time you spend taking a break, the time you spend not at work, the time you spend wasting it!!! – this ‘time’ factor is all worth a monetary value per hour.

Now I’m working on a new training module to help you with this very thing, but for now I want you to start to think about YOUR TIME! What do you do on a daily basis in your working day, how do you spend your time, are you wasting time, do you value what you do, are you worth it?

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