Buying Clients Are Gold-Dust – They Have Already Invested In You

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Buying Clients Are Gold-Dust – They Have Already Invested In You

Let me introduce you to one of my (many) mantras – what I call GOLD-DUST CLIENTS! Buying Clients Are Gold-Dust – They Have Already Invested In You!


HINT! These are NOT your fans or followers you are constantly chasing on social media or trying to get onto your email list!


These are the ACTUAL real-life people who have ALREADY taken the step to BUY a piece of your work!

These ‘buyers’ (or customers, clients, tribe – whatever you want to call them) ARE your admiring fans – they aren’t the voyeurs who stalk your content on facebook or instagram but NEVER buy anything. These are the people who have purchased a little ‘piece’ of YOU (ie. your art / designs / product) so that they can share your story. AND these are the customers that you WANT to come back for more.


Artists / Designers / Makers often say to me – Help! I’m not making any sales and really I don’t have any clients. But the fact is, when I then ask them has anyone EVER bought ANYTHING from them one the years? Most answer yes BUT they have NO CLUE who they are, they haven’t gotten ANY contact details and they DON’T even have their names on a LIST!!!


BIG MISTAKE – but you know, its OK, we are all guilty of this!! Whilst, for some reason, it seems to be ingrained in us to be constantly chasing NEW clients, we totally forget that the people who have already bought our work are so valuable – they are Gold-Dust!


I honestly believe that for us artists, not many people are actually ‘teaching’ us about these things. Like the well known business statistic that tells us its EASIER to sell to an EXISTING client than it is to get a NEW one!


And because we are always trying to grow our businesses and want more sales, we ‘think’ we need to constantly find new people! And yes, to some degree as we are growing we will need a certain ‘amount’ of new customers, but I learnt historically through my own business (of over 25 years now) that clients who were ‘loyal’ to me kept coming back for more. AND that it was easier for me to work with an existing client and make jewellery for them as I knew them, knew what they had bought before, knew their styles and tastes and knew them  PERSONALLY!


So treat Gold-Dust clients as your BIGGEST asset! Learn to nurture your relationship with them because if you do a ‘good job’ that first sale will lead onto more sales down the line! Those Gold-Dusters (my other term for them) will continue to support your art business year after year. They will want to know more about you and how your work is developing. They will want to buy into that new collection. They will want to ‘collect’ YOU!


So, don’t panic if you’re now thinking, ‘OMG! Sarah! I have sold a load of my work over the years and I don’t know who any of those people are! I hear ya! So lets think about how you can gather those client details!


START TODAY – go find them! Go trawling through your receipts, notes, post-its, notebooks, old business cards, contacts on your phone, invoices and ALL those ‘places’ you may have shoved that Gold-Dust client information.


Even gathering their names in a list even is a great start – that way you can see how many clients you actually have – and trust me, I bet you have loads more than you think!


Start your Gold-Dust client list! Build a new spreadsheet to get you going. Then you can begin to find their details and add those in!


And you can also check out my #mentortip video Who Is Your Client: Part 1 Of 3 – Real Life Clients For Artists to hear more about what I have to say!


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