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Believe In Art!!

Love this sign, taken outside The Mac art gallery in Belfast – what does it say to you?

To me, it makes me laugh and think about giving the finger to all those naysayers over the years telling me that: ‘art’ was a ‘waste of time’, I should get a ‘proper job’, how could I know anything about running a ‘business’ as I was ‘just’ an ‘artist’, sure all I did was draw ‘pretty pictures’ all day, I was a ‘silly little girl playing shop’ and, my favourite, I had a ‘mickey mouse’ PhD…I could go on & Yes!! People really have said those things to me over the years!!!!

With my ‘mickey mouse’ art history PhD hat on, I also think about how my research, dating back to pre-historic times, documented how as a society our entire history of civilisations and humans is actually based on the ‘art’ we left behind. How as a people we naturally drew things, made things and decorated things – from building places to live, to utensils to survive, to clothes to protect us and through jewellery and objects to adorn ourselves with. We have always been ‘artists’ – drawing and making.

How this has never changes and how everything we see around is is ‘art-based’ – designed and made by creatives – everything…all our ‘stuff’ had been drawn and made!

With my ‘art business’ head on, I think how lucky I am to be still living off and loving my artistic talent some 20-odd years after graduating. How I’ve built a successful ‘art’ business and how I’m surrounded by people that have true creative brains – not afraid to rock their own path, drawing and creating amazing things, breaking boundaries, challenging the status-quo!

Art – is worth it!!!

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