Find Your Authentic Brand

for artists & makers

Calling All Artists & Makers

You’re gifted and talented and you LOVE TO CREATE!

BUT how do you get customers to buy your art?

You’re passionate about your work and you WANT TO SUCCEED!

BUT how do you turn those passions into an ‘actual’ business that makes money?



CREATE BRANDING that is AUTHENTIC to YOU to help you GET DISCOVERED and shine in a crowded market.

The #1 Question I Get Asked Is…

How Do I Tell My Artistic Story?

I’ve been a mentor for years and I hear many artists & makers ask me things like:

“Sarah, what is my story, how do I tell my ‘Brand Story’? How do I decide on which colours and fonts to choose for my website? Where do I even start? What is a ‘Brand Story’ anyway?”

Lol, well thats about 5 questions but I bet you are thinking the same!

You are searching around the web and on social media being “wowed” by other makers and wondering how to get that kind of attention too!

You are wondering how do you create the visual ‘look’ of your brand?

You want to know what a ‘brand’ actually is and if an artist or maker is a brand anyway?

And, you really want to know where do you start?



You’ve got to have your colours, your fonts, your imagery AND your personality work together to TELL YOUR VISUAL STORY so people know and recognise your work.

Your BRANDING MEANS EVERYTHING To Your Art & Maker Business

‘Branding’ is NOT simply a logo, business card, letterhead, the packaging you use and a couple of colours you like,

‘Branding’ is NOT a corporate ‘word’,

…its soooooo much more than that!


Branding is your total overall visual ‘look’. Branding is your written and verbal use of words.

AND for us artists and makers, it’s also our inspirations, drawings, designs, pieces, products and even OURSELVES.


Find Your Authentic Brand

So I created the Find Your Authentic Brand Course to SHOW YOU step-by-step EXACTLY how to build YOUR brand and get seen!

In the course you will learn:

✦ How to find inspiration entirely within your own art! – Yes thats why the course is called ‘Authentic’ brand!

✦ How to feel confident in brainstorming, finding and collating ALL your favourite drawings, designs, photographs and images of your work into one place.

✦ How to use the skill of turning your brainstorming into ‘visual reference boards’ that you layout and design yourself.

✦ How to find a group of colours and fonts that are totally authentic to YOU and your art or maker practice.

✦ How to design and build your very own Brand Board featuring your OWN authentic brand colours, fonts and images all taken from your OWN art!

✦ And best of all you’ll learn how ‘do’ it all yourself!

✦ AND last, but definitely NOT least, you will learn the totally awesome skill of being able to use the free graphics programme CANVA to accomplish it!



And Build Your Brand Story FOR YOUR ART & MAKER ‘BUSINESS’

Get Instant Access & Get Recognised!

No more being jealous of that website thats super cohesive or that beautifully curated instagram account.


No more searching all over the internet trying to figure out what images to post and how your ‘stuff’ should look.


You too can have ALL your go to ‘branded’ imagery, colours and fonts all organized and ready to go whenever you are.

Hey There! I’m Sarah McAleer

I’m a Goldsmith & Artist just like YOU!

I’ve been making jewellery for over 25 years now and mentoring artists & makers for around 17 of those! Yup! That’s a bit scary!!!

Throughout the years I’ve made everything from truly challenging exhibition work, through to commercial production lines and collections, but I’m best know for high-end bespoke client commission pieces.

Years ago, I spent 7 years writing a PhD in jewellery history (but that’s another story)!

I’ve set up a studio more then 10 times, run a demanding contemporary jewellery gallery, taught and lectured, trained my own interns and staff, lived in 9 different cities/towns & moved myself and my family to the other side of the world and back!!!

Everything I’ve done in my life has been a amazing creative adventure and I’ve met some fabulous people and absorbed a wealth of knowledge.Then at the end of 2016 I nearly died of Sepsis and that pretty much changed EVERYTHING! I had to re-invent how I worked and my entire thought process! I had to Adapt To Survive – literally!!

One of the BIGGEST things I’ve learnt along the way is how to turn ‘my art’ into a business and I’ve built a following of loyal clients who have stayed with me for years. In fact they’ve followed me around the world for that matter and stood by me during my recovery!

…and I want to share my secrets with YOU!

I’m on a mission to dispel the MYTH of the poor struggling artist, designer and maker!

YES! I believe we should be paid for our ‘art’!!!

You can turn YOUR creative talents into an art ‘business’ that YOU love AND make money without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’!!!

What’s Included In The Course?

Find Your Authentic Brand Has:

✦ 8 fun-filled sections with video lessons, note, links & resources so you are fully supported in your creation

✦ ‘Some’ homework for you to do (well you know I can only show you what to do, you actually have to go do it!)

✦ A private Facebook help group – so you can mingle with your artist & maker pals too.


✦ Me! – Yup, unlike other courses, I am here to hold your hand and help you get the course finished!

Get A Sneak Peak Inside

Find Your Authentic Brand Consists Of 8 Sections:

Click On The Tabs Below To See What You’re Gonna Learn Inside Each Training Section…


In Section #1-WELCOME

✦ I introduce myself and the course and tell you what you’re going to learn.

✦ You get inspired by your own art!



✦ First I show you how to research and create a brainstorming folder – the foundation upon which the rest of the trainings develop.

✦ You feel confident in bringing ALL your favourite imagery into one place.

✦ Next I show you how to use CANVA to design and create a ‘Brainstorming Board’ layout.

✦ You learn to turn your brainstorming into a ‘reference’ board full of visuals which showcases your art.


In Section #3-REFINING

✦ I show you how to take your brainstorming and turn that into a more refined edited layout using CANVA.

✦ You practice refining and editing your brainstorming board(s) to create new layouts which will become the first part of your ‘brand imagery’.


In Section #4-COLOURS

✦ I show you how to create indivdual colour boards for imagery of your art using CANVA.

✦ You learn how to build a library of colour boards for any image you select.

✦ Then I show you how to ‘pull out’ the actual colours (and their hex codes) from each of your images.

✦ You learn to extract ‘actual’ colours from your art and add them to your colour boards.



✦ I show you how to create a multi-coloured mega-palette-board using CANVA.

✦ You learn how to build a multi-coloured palette board full of colours taken from all your own art.

✦ Then I show you how to organise, refine and finalise your selection of colours using CANVA layouts and my own brain-process.

✦ You learn how to work through the design process of refining your ‘many’ colours to create muliple boards of more edited colours.

✦ You learn how to finalise and build your very own ‘brand colour palette’ of around 8 colours.


In Section #6-FONTS

✦ I show you how to set up a number of boards using CANVA so you can start research your fonts.

✦ You learn how to create multiple font boards

✦ Then I show you how to research and choose your fonts so you can build a final ‘brand font’ board.

✦ You learn how to find, research and pick your ‘brand fonts’ and build that into a font board.


In Section #7-BRAND BOARD

✦ I show you how to design your ‘brand board’ template using CANVA and how to use the results from all the previous trainings to build it.

✦ You learn how to use all the skills you’ve learnt to design and build your very own ‘Brand Board’ featuring your OWN authentic brand colours, fonts and images all taken from your OWN art!


In Section #8-EXTRAS

✦ I update this section with any relevant links and resources you might need to help you get inspired and complete the course!

And Above All You Have Fun!!!

What You’ll Achieve

✦ Learn how to brainstorm, research and refine your ideas.

✦ Pull out AND find your authentic images, colours and fonts.

✦ Learn how to use the free online graphics programme CANVA.

✦ Learn how to build layouts and templates using CANVA.

✦ Learn how to build multiple image, colour and font research boards.

✦ Create YOUR own personal, artistic and authentic ‘Brand Board’ just like this one.

✦ Do It ALL Yourself!

What You Get When You Join

✦ You get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL the trainings at once. So you can work through them at your own pace.

✦ There’s NO time limit! You get LIFETIME access to course so you can revisit the trainings again and again.

✦ I’ve recorded video tutorials to take you through the process step-by-step in a fun and easy way.

✦ Each section has notes, tips and any links you need to get the task done.

✦ We have our own PRIVATE Get-Mentored Brandsmiths Facebook Group group just for this course where you can ask questions and get any help you need!

AND I’m always here to hold your hand!!


✦ Access to my PRIVATE Get-Mentored Facebook Community

✦ Automatically become a Member of Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith with access to my Get-Mentored Members Area

✦ Lifetime access to ALL FREE trainings and downloads in my GET-MENTORED MEMBERS AREA


And Build Your Brand Story FOR YOUR ART & MAKER ‘BUSINESS’

Get Instant Access & Get Recognised!

Look What You Can Do

I’ve been on at mummy to make me a website for my art for ages! She said I needed to think about my ‘brand story’ first! I told her I didn’t know what she was on about – I’m only 6!

But then she showed me all her ‘magic’ ways and I loved seeing all my drawings on her computer. I drew all these myself! Look at all the colours she found – just like a rainbow! My Rainbow!

And I love how my name looks with the little heart above the ‘i’ and all the letters with little curly tails!

Rosie (Age 6)

Artist & Animal Lover, www.missrosierobertson.com (coming soon)

This has been such an enjoyable and challenging process and I really learned a ton.

Sarah your videos were incredibly informative and fun to watch! ? I’m happy with how my board turned out (although I’m sure it will always be a work in progress as my brand grows). I’m sort of a “fifty shades of grey and pink” kind of gal, as you can tell (although I played around with the colors that I pulled for hours, lol).

Overall I feel like it represents my jewelry style which is ultra feminine, somewhat traditional and classic, with just a touch of whimsy. Hopefully that comes through!


Jeweller, MelJoy Creations

Ready To Create Your Brand?

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What If’s, Why’s & Buts…

What if I don't have a business yet?

✦ No problem, this course is PERFECT for you!

✦ You’ll learn how to get started, get inspired and get your ideas into action!

✦ In fact, the exercises you learn in this course are repeatable and can be used over and over again!

Why wouldn't I just get a graphic designer to do this?

✦ Well here’s the thing – I’ve worked with graphic designers in the past and it didn’t always go ‘the way I wanted it’! I’m also a control freak and LOVE to DO IT ALL MYSELF!

✦ So this course is for YOU if you like to take control of your outcomes.

✦ PLUS, this course totally focuses on YOU AND YOUR OWN WORK!

✦ PLUS PLUS, if you don’t like what you produce first time around, you can repeat the steps, edit and tweak everything till your hearts content!

✦ So win win – you get EXACTLY what YOU WANT!!!

What if I already have branding?

✦ Well you know, I thought I had ‘branding’ before I did these exercises for myself. LOL!

✦ NOW? I have super-branding, totaly AUTHENTIC to my own art and personal design style! I wish I’d done this course myself years ago!

✦ So use this course as a ‘refresher’ – I’m almost certain you’ll be surprised what you come up with!

✦ In fact, the exercises you learn in this course are repeatable and can be used for other ‘stuff’ over and over again!

What if I get stuck?

✦ No problemo! We have a private facebook group totally dedicated to this course.

✦ PLUS, I’m here to help you – I want you to finish the course because I truly love, love, love seeing what YOU will come up with!

But I don't have time!

✦ No worries, you get LIFETIME access to all the course materials so you can complete the exercises entirely at your own pace.

✦ I know EXACTLY what its like to be busy and feel you don’t have time for anything. So my BIGGEST TIP is to set aside a little bit of ‘regular’ time either each day or each week to get the tasks done!

✦ This course is an investment into your future business!

But I don't know if I'm ready!

✦ Of course your are ready – you were born ready!

✦ Take the leap, get started right now this second!

✦ This course is your first step to building a solid foundation for your art business so you can MAKE MONEY!

✦ You’ve totally got this – and I’m here to help!

Creative Business Advice For Artists & Makers By An Artist Maker

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