Why Artists/Designers/Makers Need To Find Their Why

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Why Artists/Designers/Makers Need To Find Their Why

You’re going to hear me talk a lot about finding your WHY!

WHY? – as artists/designers/makers we are passionate creatives who are driven by some inner desire to create beautiful (or not so beautiful, depending on your concept!) things.

WHY?…well why do you do it? Each one of us is unique and our inner drive is different from each other but it is this insight into our true souls expression that we manifest onto the world in some format of visual interpretation wether its through paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, objects or ‘things’.

It is this personal communication with ourselves into a piece of work that makes us truly unique from each other and it is this ‘WHY’ that we need to learn how to communicate into words and sentences.

Why are you inspired to do what you do, Why do it at all, Why is what you do different from another artist, Why are you driven to create, Why are you driven to work on a piece for hours and hours on end until you feel you have achieved perfection, Why bother getting up in the morning?

It is this ‘why’ that I’m going to teach you how to communicate with others and sell! This is why your clients, fans or tribe will be attracted to your work and it is this ‘why’ that will help you explain ‘why’ they should buy your work in the first place?

It’s not an easy question is it?? So go on, start having a think whilst you’re working on your next creation and try to find your WHY!!!

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