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Art Is The Most Intense Mode of Individualism The World Has Seen!

by Jul 5, 2016Inspiration, Make Money From Your Art0 comments

Art Is The Most Intense Mode of Individualism The World Has Seen! – Oscar Wilde

Well I think this photo says it all really!

Children…totally creative and individual – we try to promote that in our household!

This is my No 2 child Rosie age 4. Both my children possess high levels of creativity and Rosie is a real ‘character’. Although she loves to draw and make things, I think music and drama are going to be her ‘thang’ coupled with a love of all things comedic!

Where does our creativity come from? Are we born with it, can you create it, can you make it happen?

Ever since Rosie was a baby she has loved all things ‘noise’. She always went for the noisiest toys – I remember when she was one, for Christmas she got a garage set which made a noise along with about ten cars that all made different noises. She spent hours trying to see if she could get all the cars and the garage to make all the noises at once – very entertaining, very noisy and yes, the batteries in that set ‘ran out’ pretty quickly! This has developed into a love for music, singing and some pretty good dance moves. Now you might say, well sure all kids do that, and yes they do but she doesn’t do it in the same way as Ruby her older sister. She loves to be funny, she loves to make you laugh and some of the things she comes out with possess absolute comedy timing genius that she hasn’t been taught!

Rosie is our drama queen, our blonde bombshell. Shes also totally obsessed with cats. She wants to grow up to own a cat mending cafe and pet shop and to be the lead singer in a band called ‘The Kitty Rockets’ – she of course is Rosie Rocket! I’m going to be her manager and, you know, the lady who puts all the sparkle on the outfits…and Ian, her dad, is going to be her butt-ler!!! (yes she’s also obsessed with trying to get the word ‘butt’ into just about every sentence and song you can imagine!)

The song ‘Cherry Bomb’ by the Runaways springs to mind when we think of Rosie – god help us lol…

So as Rosie loves to say…’See ya later…suckers!!!!’

This photo was taken during a trip to Dunfanghy, Ireland, recently – both girls spend hours making sandcastles!!!!

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