I believe that I can help you turn YOUR creative talents into an art ‘business’ practice that YOU love AND make money!!!

Hi I’m Sarah!

I’m on a mission to dispel the myth of the poor struggling artist / designer / maker!

I believe that every one of us is unique.

I believe that as artists, designers and makers we were born with ‘magic hands’ and ‘magic eyes’.

I believe we are entitled to swop our skills for money…YES! I believe we should be paid for our ‘art’!!!

I believe that I can help you turn your talents into a creative business that makes money AND you love WITHOUT ‘selling out’!




1.an experienced and trusted advisor
2. an experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels employees or students
3. an experienced person who supports and advises someone with less experience to help them develop their work over a period of time


1. a person who works in metal, especially one who shapes metal by hammering
2. from Old English smið "blacksmith, armorer, one who works in metal"
3. more broadly, "handi-craftsman, practitioner of skilled manual arts"
4. from Proto-Germanic *smithaz "skilled worker"
5. from PIE root *smi- "to cut, work with a sharp instrument"
6. from Old English smiðian "to forge, fabricate, design"
7. -smith: denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specified material


An Experienced and Trusted Practioner Of Skilled Manual (& Verbal) Arts Who Has The Ability To Help You To Create, Design, Forge, & Fabricate Your Orginal Thought (& Words) In Order To Help YOU Develop Your Own Work (aka Art Business!)!

(Oh! And I Most Definitely LOVE Giving Advice!)

Make Art! Find Clients! Make Money! Make More Art!

Hey There Artists & Makers!

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