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Hey There! I’m Sarah McAleer!

Let Me Introduce Myself…

I’m a Artist, Jeweller & Goldsmith just like YOU – and my business is called Sarah McAleer Jewellerysmith!

I’ve been making jewellery for over 27 years now and mentoring artists & makers for around 19 of those!

Yup! That’s a bit scary!!!

Throughout the years I’ve made everything from truly challenging exhibition work, through to commercial production lines and collections.

But I’m best known for my high-end bespoke client commission pieces.

I have literally made thousands of amazing pieces of high end jewellery over the years and built a client base that comes back for more…

…and I want the same for YOU!

I specialise in designing jewellery for women who are old enough to know EXACTLY what they want out of life…

…actually I can say EXACTLY the same about the women jewellers I mentor as well, lol ?!

So let me show YOU how to get EXACTLY what you want in YOUR life and jewellery business!

A Few Facts About Me…?

? I’m originally from Belfast in N. Ireland and I’ve often been referred to as ‘the Irish lass with the big mouth’! I’m certainly NOT a shrinking violet and I don’t beat about the bush either lol ???.

? I’m a proud graduate of both Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and the world renowed leading art & design school, The Royal College Of Art In London.

? In the early 90’s I won 2 major competitions whilst I was at Glasgow School of Art – the Goldsmiths Precious Metal Bursary and The Blacburn Lectures Competition. I didnt realise that these pieces would pretty much launch my entire jewellery career.

? In the late 90’s – I spent 7 years at the Royal College of Art writing a PhD in jewellery history (but that’s another VERY LONG story)!

? In the early noughties – I established ‘Gold-Digger 79’ a successful contemporary jewellery gallery in N. Ireland. I grew this from zero clients and zero money to 5 staff and a 6-figure revenue in 3 years. This was at a  time when ALL the business advice I received was telling me NOT to do it and that my idea would fail – Ha! lol – so screw all the naysayers ?!!!

? I’ve set up a jewellery studio more then 10 times and I’ve lost count of the number of ‘display’ cabinets I’ve had to build!

? I’ve taught and lectured in schools, museums and universities on my travels all over the world, and I’ve always trained my own interns and staff over the years.

? …And so far I’ve lived in 9 different cities and towns (Belfast, Glasgow, London, Sligo, Bundoran & back to Belfast) AND moved myself and my family to the other side of the world and back (Perth in Australia, Mandurah and back to Belfast again lol)!!! – My grandfather said I have gypsy blood, lol ?!

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball ?

Everything I’ve done in my life has been an amazing creative adventure and I’ve met some fabulous people and absorbed a wealth of knowledge along the way.

You could say I’ve learnt ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of running a jewellery business!

BUT, then at the end of 2016 I nearly died from Pneumonia and Sepsis…That pretty much changed EVERYTHING!

During several years of long-term recovery, I had to re-invent how I physically worked and re-think my entire life and thought process!

I was so changed by this date with destiny that I did what I do best – I created another business lol.

This one is a non-profit aimed at helping sepsis survivors learn how to live their lives again AFTER sepsis – called Sepsis Vitality.

I used EVERYTHING I knew about growing a business online and I listened to my own mantra of ‘Start From Zero’.

So I had NO followers and NO audience of any sort when I launched this website in June of 2017. But using my magic I grew the traffic to this website from 0 – 2.5k in 3 months and a social media following in the thousands (and still growing) ?!

So not Only Have I had to Adapt To Survive – But I’ve had to learn how to bring myself and my business back from the dead – literally – no exaggeration!!!

So lets work together – because between You AND Me – we can pretty much survive and work through any issue in your business no matter how big or small!

AND I can help you grow your website, social media following AND your client base from ZERO!

I Also Collect Names Ending In '-Smith'


1.an experienced and trusted advisor
2. an experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels employees or students
3. an experienced person who supports and advises someone with less experience to help them develop their work over a period of time


1. a person who works in metal, especially one who shapes metal by hammering
2. from Old English smið "blacksmith, armorer, one who works in metal"
3. more broadly, "handi-craftsman, practitioner of skilled manual arts"
4. from Proto-Germanic *smithaz "skilled worker"
5. from PIE root *smi- "to cut, work with a sharp instrument"
6. from Old English smiðian "to forge, fabricate, design"
7. -smith: denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specified material

So You Could Say That Sarah McAleer 'MentorSmith' Translates To Be... ?

An Experienced and Trusted Practioner Of Skilled Manual (& Verbal) Arts Who Has The Ability To Help You To Create, Design, Forge, & Fabricate Your Orginal Thought (& Words) In Order To Help YOU Develop Your Own Work (aka Jewellery Business!)!

(Oh! And I Most Definitely LOVE Giving Advice!)

How Can I Help YOU?

One of the BIGGEST things I’ve learnt along the way is how to turn ‘my art’ into a business that makes money and build a following of loyal clients who have stayed with me for years. In fact they’ve followed me around the world for that matter and stood by me during my date with Sepsis and my long-term recovery!

…and I want to share my secrets with YOU!

I’m on a mission to dispel the MYTH of the poor struggling artist – cause in my opinion this is a total out-of-date bullsh*t mentality!

YES! I believe we should be paid WELL for our ‘art’, our time and our fabulous jewellery!!!

I help high end jewellers go from offline to online and successfully sell to high end clients.

? I Can Help You…Sell Offline to grow your customers and gain more high end clients!

? I Can Help You…Get A Custom Website to get your online showcase in place and lay your website out to match how your customers want to buy from you!

? I Can Help You…Grow Online and show you how to use your online presence to leverage your sales!

So What Are You Waiting For???!!!