Work Smart, Not Hard!!

This is a saying I’ve heard so many times over the years, but not one I was ever really able to ‘do’, lol!! I think in life and business in general I’ve never taken the easy route to anything and I’ve always believed that you reap what you sow…BUT has this been ‘smart’?

Getting older, I have a different view on life and I believe that as artists we are often ‘consumed’ by what we do, its an obsession – a passion and sometimes a curse.

So heres 15 ways I think artists can learn to ‘work smart’:

  1. Find clarity around what you really want out of your work and your life – only YOU can decide what you really want.
  2. Don’t listen to naysayers telling you what your’e doing is a waste of time.
  3. Remember that as artists we are allowed a work-life balance so find ‘things’ to do that bring you joy – other people choose art as a hobby and a way to help them relax, but art is OUR JOB, not our hobby, so find some other guilty pleasure (that will benefit your health, lol)!
  4. Allow yourself the pleasure of having a break – during the day, during the week, during the year!!! – its only since I had children that I’ve learnt to take actual holidays and work a 5 day week (well most of the time)!!!
  5. Find time for yourself – selfcare, relaxing, laughing.
  6. Learn how to turn your art into a business!!!
  7. Learn that your art business will survive if you take a day off.
  8. Learn to ‘plan’ and get your business organised.
  9. Don’t spend all day just creating your work – Learn to spend part of your day doing an activity that will bring you in a sale or money.
  10. Learn to sell what you already have in stock – don’t always think you have to make new work.
  11. Learn to say NO!!!
  12. Learn that doing exhibitions are one of the hardest ways to make money!
  13. Don’t work for free!
  14. Learn about other ways your art can bring in an income.

…because at the end of the day, if you are truly happy, then its all worth it!!!

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