Why Do You Do What You Do?

Do you really know why you do what you do – have you ever really questioned this?

As an artist, our ‘why’ is within us somewhere. Part of our subconscious perhaps, part of our soul?

We define our ‘why’ through our work in a visual language that comes ‘out of us’ in some medium or other – through our drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, products, designs etc – our own ‘artistic handwriting’!

How we view and translate the world – but through our own eyes!

BUT have you ever tried to put this into words? They say am image speaks a thousand words, but in todays digital age, you still need to have some form of ‘text’ to accompany your beautiful visual imagery.

So start having a go at putting some words down on paper alongside your visual work. Descriptive words – they are the easiest to start with. But what about feelings, mood, where the idea came from, the concept, the inspiration – tell me about all of them – your ‘story’ will begin to form by doing this…your ‘why’!

Your fanbase want to know about your ‘why’ – so find and define it!!!

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So here’s The Temptations with ‘The Way You Do The Things You Do’ to give you some inspiration!

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