Take your WHY with you.

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Take your WHY with you

Artists/Designers/Makers – if you know your WHY then you can take it with you everywhere you go!!

Why do you do what you do, why does your work inspire you, why do you get up in the morning?

I can’t NOT do what I do, it’s in me, always there, I can’t turn it off.

My creative brain sees the world in snapshots of imagery – you could say I’ve turned my eyes into their own camera. Taking a shot here and there, framing what I see, looking for things that catch my eye.

Maybe it’s a colour, a texture or an obscure angle of a building. Years ago I always had a bulky camera in my pocket, nowadays I use my iPhone to record. A visual diary, always on hand – always running out of space because I take so many photos lol!

So what’s in your visuals today?

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