GET-MENTORED: One-To-One Mentoring For 1 Month


Get one-to-one mentoring for ONE-MONTH and we’ll discuss and work through ONE topic, problem or idea of your choice.

#MENTORTIP: DON’T get stuck in a rut wondering how to turn your art-design-craft practice into a business!

DO ask for help! Get real-life creative advice on a one-to-one basis from a creative and start working out better ways to make money from your art-design-craft….so lets GET-STARTED!


Wouldn’t it just be lovely if you had someone else you could talk to about your entire art-design-craft practice and who could give you some pointers on how to turn this whole shebang into a business?

Well let me help – I love working with artists-designers-makers on a one-to-one basis – this is one of my most rewarding mentorsmithing jobs!

I believe in asking you want you WANT, working with what you’ve got right now and I look at how I can give you practical suggestions to help you start to turn your art practice in an art business!

How we get started…

  • Get one-to-one mentoring for 1 month and we’ll discuss and work through ONE topic, problem or idea of your choice.
  • We start with either a quick chat on the phone or via email so that I can gather some starting points.
  • I’ll send you a questionnaire (yes its kinda homework) which will require you to do a bit of thinking but is necessary for me to get a better understanding of what you and your art-design-craft is all about.

What I do…

  • Depending on what we’re discussing, I’ll give you an initial review based on my thoughts and opinions as well as suggestions and recommendations on how we can move forward.
  • I look at many things from branding, social media and websites through to pricing, clients and selling.
  • I work with you to put a plan in place with actionable steps to help you achieve realistic goals.
  • I always give positive advice (or constructive criticism if needed) and I try to give practical tips that are easy to implement.

What you do…

  • You’ll have a number of ‘things’ to do as homework – don’t worry its not all hard work and sure it’ll be fun too!
  • We can go back and forth with ideas and discussions.
  • Although this is 2-way mentoring, it will be up to you to actually implement the advice, I can’t do this part for you. I’m here to guide you on your way and help you to review your changes!

What topics or problems do I cover…

  • Well my first question to you is what do you need help with most and what to you want?
  • The most common topics or problems I get asked about is that artists-designers-makers are fed up not making any money out of their art-design-craft. In this instance we would take a general overview and look at what different types of work generate money, where to find clients and how to sell better.
  • Or, we could look in more detail at any one of these specific topics such as: launching a new series of work or a collection; finding galleries, fairs, stockists or outlets; planning and launching a new website; growing your social media following; pricing work; finding clients; setting up and writing a newsletter; writing a blog; building content.

Who do I work with…

  • I work with many different types of artists, designers, crafters and makers.
  • I’m a goldsmith myself by trade so I do specialise in helping jewellers, however I’ve worked with a wide variety of fine artists and designer-makers from many different disciplines.
  • I’ve worked with young graduates, those just starting out, mums returning back to work, artists trying to get away from the kitchen table through to seasoned pros who’ve been running their practices for years. We all need help and I’ve pretty much been there and seen it all!
  • It doesn’t matter what art background you have – I give creative ‘real-world’ advice thats about helping you right now this second.

What I don’t do…

  • This isn’t like ‘school’ either – I DON’T shout at you or tell you everything you’re doing is crap but I will give you my honest opinion!
  • I DON’T ‘do’ the recommendations myself lol – its up to you to actually implement the changes, that’s your part of the homework!

What you get…

  • We will have TWO 30 minute chats during this ONE-MONTH session – this can be done via phone, Facetime or Skype. Its best to have a chat at the start and the end of the ONE-MONTH session.
  • You’ll get a questionnaire and / or other activity to complete depending on our discussion topic.
  • I will provide you with a snapshot of my initial findings, suggestions and recommendations either as a written-up document or via a voice recording (sometimes I find I can talk much faster than I can write lol!).
  • My report will give you an overview of my findings and an actionable list of goals for us to either implement or work towards.
  • You get access to me via email (or Facebook Messenger if you prefer) – I try to respond within 24 hours when possible.
  • You get access to my FREE Get-Mentored Facebook Community.
  • You get access to my FREE One-To-One Facebook Group where you can ask any questions you like. This group is PRIVATE and reserved ONLY for my One-To-One mentoring clients!
  • Once launched you will get LIFETIME access to ALL my FREE trainings and downloads in my GET-MENTORED MEMBERS AREA (coming very very soon!!)

How long will it take…

  • This is the ONE-MONTH mentoring option.


#MENTORTIP: DON’T get stuck in a rut wondering how to turn your art-design-craft practice into a business!

DO ask for help! Get real-life creative advice on a one-to-one basis from a creative and start working out better ways to make money from your art-design-craft.

…so lets GET-STARTED!


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