I Can Do That! But You Didnt!!!

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Get Started, Inspiration | 0 comments

I Can Do That! But You Didn’t!!!

How many times have you seen another artist’s/designer’s/maker’s work, looked at it and said ‘but I could do that!’??!!

Maybe its something that looks really simple to produce but they’re getting lots of acclaim for it, maybe its something with a really clever concept or maybe its something you’ve been thinking about for a while but someone else beat you to it.

The fact is, if you didn’t create and actually produce it,…then you didn’t do it!!!

As artists/designers/makers we are judged by what we actually create, a physical product – we are not judged by what’s in our heads.

Likewise we can’t sell a product that only ever lives in our head – we need to have something tangible for others to see, feel and want to own – we need to get whats in our heads out!!!

So stop self-sabotaging yourself by constantly measuring yourself against others, do it, create it, produce it, get it out so you can say ‘I Did Do That!’

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